Ozy and MillieInterpretations by other artists

People besides me have done drawings of some of the characters. (I dislike the term "fan art;" it seems somehow like blowing my own horn.) I'm sensing a tilt in content toward the title characters and their parental units. Anyway, they're simply too good not to have on the site, so, at long last, here's a sampling. Contributions are, naturally, always more than welcome.

Click to view. You know the drill. (Artists are in alphabetical order. I don't play favorites.)

Scotty Arsenault

Scotty Arsenault did some fill-in strips for a week at the end of January 2000:

16 Jan 2000 * 17 Jan 2000 * 18 Jan 2000 * 19 Jan 2000

Charles Caffrey

Ozy and his dad relax before bedtime.

Thomas K. Dye

Creator of Newshounds
Ozy being musical.
Both the kids. Looks like a publicity shot.
A "Newshounds" strip in which Ozy made a cameo in Kevin's hallucination. So did a bunch of characters from other places.

Mark Freid

Ozy and Millie debate the merits of 4th of July fireworks.

Bill Holbrook

Creator of Kevin and Kell
On April 1, Bill Holbrook and I drew each other's strips...this was the result. (Visit the Kevin and Kell archives to see my contribution from April Fools Day.)

Laura Howell

A picture Laura drew for John Friedrich...Ozy and Millie have a little too much fun jumping on the bed.

David "Dutch" K.

The inevitable Ozzy Osbourne crossover.

Corwyn Kalenda

Ozy in blue, with Leveritt the gecko on his head.

Michael-Scot McMurry

The kids, in ballpoint.
Ozy, in colored pencil.
One way to roast tofu dogs.
When Ozy goes off to college. (Aww.)

Julie Miyamoto

Ozy and his dad looking thoughtfully at something.

Joseph Nebus

Guest strip #1: A space oddity.
Guest strip #2: Gift morality.

Jonas Silver

Ozy as the Mad Hatter, or as Tom Petty from the "Don't Come Around Here No More" video.

Ben Yackley

Ozy and Millie as Hamlet and Ophelia.
Ozy, drawn in the style of Mr. John Lennon.

From the Cooper Point Journal
On April 29, 1999, The Evergreen State College's newspaper, the Cooper Point Journal, didn't just run the "Ozy and Millie" strip I'd given them for that week. They ran "Ozy and Millie" strips done by most of the other comics page regulars, as well.

In a roundabout way, it started when Mat Probasco and I toyed with the idea of drawing each other's strips, much as Bill Holbrook and I had on April1. Mat, the editor-in-chief as well as the author of a pleasantly surreal strip called "Me As A...," and Jason Miles, the comics editor and author of the equally surreal "The," talked to some of the other artists about it...apparently they all wanted to draw "Ozy and Millie."

So, behind my back, they all arranged to do a whole page of them for that week's issue. Apparently, everybody on the staff but me knew about it; I did get a bit suspicious when nobody would let me look in the comics submission box. Still, it was a great surprise to open the paper that week and discover everyone's efforts. I think these styles are about as diverse as it gets.

Colin Helsley

Colin Helsley's strip. Colin wrote and drew an excellent strip called "Onyx Towers..." here he takes a shot at Evergreen activism, something that, at various times, tended to get both of us in trouble.

Jason Miles

Jason Miles's strip. When Jason first saw my work, he thought "man, what a corporate-looking strip." When I first saw his, I thought "what drugs is he taking? Are they fun ones?" However, the fact that we both take comics very seriously made it inevitable that we'd end up as friends. WARNING: Jason's "Ozy and Millie" is not for the faint of heart. You have been warned. (Can you identify the strip from which the art in the last panel is taken?)

Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen's "Do the Math," strip, starring Ozy. I've never actually met Eric, but I hear Ozy was well-paid for the cameo.

Aaron Cansler

Aaron Cansler's strip. Aaron and I used to annoy everyone in the office with our impersonations of Bob Dylan. (Bonus points if you can identify the strip he borrowed the art from.)

Mat Probasco

Mat Probasco's strip. Another look into the future. (I do hope Ozy doesn't really end up with a crew cut.)

Thanks again to all these artists. I owe you!

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