This is my own Easy Fun-Fun 3rd Edition Character Sheet, for you to enjoy! I became annoyed with the current character sheets available, and wanted something easy on the eyes, focused on only the important details, and thus better for storytelling, rather than accounting. This is the result.


You can, of course, simply download the .gif above by left clicking on it and saving it off. Then simply load the image into any paint program and print it out on your printer! However, some folks may not like .gif format, so here are some other formats to download:

.PCX Format Character Sheet

.BMP Format Character Sheet



The Kinsey Scale is real, a scale for measuring sexual orientation. It is about time it was added to gaming! The scale is very simple and runs from Zero to Six, with Three in the middle. Here is the Scale in full:

O  Absolutely Heterosexual
1   Primarily Heterosexual, with some Bisexual feelings
2   Mostly Heterosexual, strong Bisexual interests
3   True Bisexual, equally attracted to both sexes
4   Mostly Homosexual, strong Bisexual interests
  Primarily Homosexual, with some Bisexual feelings
6   Absolutely Homosexual

In my character sheet, gender is represented in a more scientifically accurate manner. In reality, sex and gender are not the same thing: sex is physical plumbing, and gender is internal identity. However, people are sloppy and uneducated, including the folks who make D&D books.

There are two boxes for 'gender' on the sheet, the first box is for physical, which means the actual physical sex of the character's body. The second box is Neural, which means the neurological sex of the character: the sex of their BRAIN. The brain has a physical sex, and this sex wiring determines internal gender identity. What makes things interesting is that it is possible (1 in 80,000 chance) that a mistake will occur in the womb where the brain is a different sex than the body. In a D&D game, this can create all sorts of adventures, and in anime and manga, some of the most interesting and memorable characters we could ever read about.

NOTE: In real life, people with this condition of having a brain one sex and a body the other are statistically two standard intelligence deviations greater than the average person. They are also vastly more creative. However, they suffer constantly, and horribly, due to this condition. In D&D terms these benefits and penalties should be added to any Transsexual character:

+ 4 to Intelligence
('T' bonus) in all situations

+ 2 to Wisdom 
('T' bonus) when applying creativity ( crafts, painting, all magic, etc. )

- 2 to Constitution
('T' penalty) because of constant misery over their gender issues.
penalty, and misery is removed if body is ever changed to match the brain.
However, the benefits always remain. 



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