The Treebranching Chicks

Leaving the Nest

You know, it was one of those days, one of those gorgeous, clear, sky-blue days, when nothing would feel better than to stretch your wings and go for a fly, just you and a fair wind beneath your feathers.

At least, that is how three cute chicks felt about things that morning (and I can call them cute chicks, free of gender slur, since that is exactly what they were). They could feel the desire to fly coursing through every fibre of their beings. Without any need to speak metaphorically, it was time to leave the nest. These three were going to take off whether mother was ready for them to do so or not. The teenage urge for independence was strong within them.

Of course every child of the universe has its guardian angel, dear reader. And for these little chicks, you are the gentle guiding hand leading them to their destiny.

So, will you guide your little chick to flutter off and build a life of its own in a nest made of:

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