The lightbulb led me to a dark corridor...

Dog Animation

I followed the corridor to a narrow office door. I tried the door. It was unlocked. I quietly opened the door. The room was empty except for a table with a box on top. I opend the box. It was another key! Miss Pooch would love this. Better than a crossword any day.

Now I had to use my stunning detective's brain to work out which door belonged to which key. And...hang on, there must be a hundred doors in this place. What is an icecream factory doing with all these different doors? I was a hardened dog detective but even my briliant nose was not working in this place. It was too dark and cold and my nose was numb. I started thinking, "I've tried all the doors on this floor. Gosh, I hope they still have stairs in this place. She must be upstairs. I hope. Oh, I hate stairs." And it was even darker stumbling around trying not to be heard.

I shuffled through the dark. And then I took that one wrong turn. I had bumped into the large chest of one of the Rotten gang. I so I did what any self-respecting dog detective would do in that situation. I ran. I ran so fast that I didn't see the hole in the floor... I fell straight through landing on my hat. I picked myself and my pride up from the dusty floor, and then I saw it - another door. This one had a light on.

copyright Rachel Bradshaw 1999.