The house is quiet. You wander around the kitchen and the lounge room. On the walls are posters advertising bands and plays. On the floor the ugly dirty carpet of landlords who never set their foot closer than their bank account. The kitchen has the smell of old stirfrys and cigarettes. The lounge room the scent of stale beer and the bong. You flick through the CD covers lying on the floor and stare out through dirty glass into the back yard.

'Oh. Are you still here...' Sam stands in the doorway, wrapped in a greying towel. 'I thought you'd gone with the others.'

'No. I thought I'd go for a walk or something. Didn't really feel like a big rally.'

'Yeh. Right on. Like it's gonna change anything. Gotta take a shower.' Sam shuts the bathroom door behind her and you hear the shower turn on.

Dave walks through the room also wrapped in a towel. He doesn't even look at you and goes into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him. You hear their giggles begin.

'Oh, fuck! Are those two in the shower again? Shit. Shit. Shit. They'll be hours.' Kate bangs on the door, 'They never fucking think to ask if anyone else needs to use the bathroom. Hurry up!' she yells.

'We just got in.' Sam's voice is muffled.

'Well, I need a shower too you know. Don't use all the fucking water this time.'

The door flys open and Sam sticks her head out, 'We're allowed to use the shower, Kate. We do live here too.'

'You do. He doesn't.'

Sam slams the door and Kate kicks it. She turns and half smiles at you, 'Sorry. But they always do this. The joys of shared living.' She sighs, 'So I guess I'll give up on my idea of a leisurely shower this morning. What are you gonna do?'

'I thought I might take a walk.'

'Wanna go for lunch. I'll show you the sights. You're here for the weekend, right?'

You shrug, 'I'm not sure.'

'See that couch? It's yours if you want it for tonight. That's if you can get Ned off it. Bit of a couch potato.'


'So lunch or that walk?'

Philippa J Burne 1996