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yan fishes take note

A man sits in the corner of the room, holding a fish in one
hand, and an unopened packet of spaghetti in the other. He
places the fish carefully under his chin and begins stroking the
spaghetti against the fish. Back and forth he draws the
spaghetti, bringing forth the most beautiful music
you have ever heard. Another man walks up with a
disgruntled expression on his face and says to the first man:

"That's impossible! You can't do that!"

"I can't?"


"Oh. Sorry"

He throws the fish and spaghetti away and walks off.
The other man is left standing there, not exactly sure
what has just happened.

Adam Ford
Copyright © 1998

Excerpted by permission from:
Not quite the man for the job
Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd
9 Atchison Street
St Leondards NSW 2065


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