scales of justice

XI Justice

The blind fold protects her
           impartial, imperfect
Touched by neither fear nor favor,
she walks through concentration camps,
through refugee camps,
through parliaments, courthouses, newsrooms,
through barrios and boardrooms,
on both sides of the frontline.
Feels the flames of holy terrorists
given endorsement by puppet presidents.

They have their hands in the sky
           in pleading, in surrender.
Everybody seeks you, Justice.
Those few who find you
will come to you disarmed, naked
will come to you defenseless, lonely
will come while millions pay lipservice
to an idol in your likeness.
They know nothing of the scales
but only of the sword.
They never see the second edge:
Your twin sister, Vengeance
Gets a lot of work these days.

Real justice is never that simple
           complex, intricate.
Governed by neither will nor wishing
it does not start with the victim,
it does not end with the attacker,
it does not reveal itself easily.
No matter its manifestation
like it or not, her task is this:
The scales must balance.



Excerpted by permission from:
From The Fool to The World
Stars Calling Press
PO Box 12424
410 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne VIC 3000