Artist: graphic designer, cartoonist, fine artist


Manifest Art Show Popular Choice Award. On 25 September the organisers of Manifest, a Japanese animation and cultural festival, awarded me the popular choice art award. The award was the result of votes by attendees for their favourite artwork submitted to the festival artshow.


Puppetry Workshop. Studied puppet construction with Cliff Dolliver of Handspan Theatre and formerly of Henson & Associates.


Graphic Artist, Leader Newspapers' Home & Business Directory, Blackburn, Victoria Australia Created advertising art.


Chief Editor & Designer, Megacomp Publications, Elwood, Victoria Australia. Glass Wings Press was contracted to edit and design Megazone 5, Australia's electronic entertainment magazine. Created author style manual. Edited and/or rewrote all articles. Composed all interior graphic design. Wrote lead article for Megazone 6.


Artist's Model. Modelled seven years for Carol Taipale-Nurmesniemi, a contemporary Finnish artist, also for the Victorian and Hawthorn Artist Societies.


Cartoonist, Raymond Herald, Raymond, Washington U.S.A. Drew one frame cartoons regularly for this weekly newspaper.