Event Manager & Group Coordinator


Coordinator, Ad Astra Writers' Group, Adelaide SA Australia. Organise the monthly meetings at the SA Writers' Centre for this speculative fiction writers' group. Coordinate industry speakers, workshops, critiquing sessions, book reviews, group publication, etc. Created the Web site and associated wiki and blog. Maintain the electronic mailing list.


Coordinator, The Jolly Writers' Group, Melbourne Victoria Australia. Organised regular meetings, wrote rules of association, moderated critiquing sessions. This group encompassed poetry, picture books, long and short fiction, in literary, children's, and genre fiction styles. Created the Web site and maintained the electronic mailing list.


Mentor, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Melbourne Victoria Australia. Subjected to a thorough screening, then trained in mentoring kids with difficult backgrounds. Spent more than two years officially befriending and mentoring a little girl.


President, GBFC Animation Society, Melbourne Victoria Australia. Hosted once a month animation and puppetry viewing and discussion days. Organised parties, events and fundraisers. Published quarterly activity calendar and yearly magazine.


Convenor, Australian Democrats Aston-Deakin Branch, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Put together meeting agendas, chair meetings, send out minutes, greet new branch members, attend issues training sessions, attend state council meetings, organise campaigning and fundraising, ensure the smooth running of the branch. Eventually became in charge of state policy development.


Organiser, AusGather, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Put in place organisational structure, coordinated events, managed finances, liaised with accomodation venue and restaurants for a comic artist group convention.

Organiser, Blackburn Neighbourhood House Gifted Youth Group, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Assisted gifted young people to learn emotional and social skills through games and activities.


Organiser, Geek Nite Out, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Head Organiser for an event celebrating the creative potential of the computer and those who love working with computers. Put together the committee, called meetings, published the minutes, created publicity materials, found business sponsors, arranged for special guest from Industrial Light and Magic, managed juncture with the Alternative Computing Expo, DJed some of the music.

1999 & 2002

Coordinator, MiDfur, Melbourne, Victoria Australia, 1999 and 2002. Was asked to coordinate events and venues for a comic artist meeting. Put up information site on the Web, maintained mailing list for participants, scheduled events, booked restaurants, booked tickets to cinema event, arranged transport.


Coordinator, Richard Stallman lecture tour, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Was asked by US computer guru Richard Stallman, founder of GNU Project and Free Software Foundation, to be the lead coordinator for his lecture tour of Australia. Liaised with universities to find coordinators in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. Kept universities informed of Richard's situation and was the main point of communication with Richard (easier than having everyone speak with him at once). Created press releases, contacted various print and radio media for interviews, scheduled interviews. Made some arrangements for transport and accomodation.


Coordinator, Theodor Holm Nelson lecture tour, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Asked to coordinate a lecture tour for Theodor Holm Nelson, the person who first conceived of hypermedia in the 1960's and founded Project Xanadu to implement its creation. Liaised with universities, computing organisations, and conferences for speaking appearances. Organised publicity and scheduled his time with newspaper, radio, and TV journalists, including an interview on the Andrew Denton Show. Set up Web, Gopher, Fax, phone and mail points of contact for people interested in the work of the Xanadu project.


Organiser, ConCave i, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Head organiser for this science fiction and fantasy multi-media convention held 13-15 August. Put together the organising committee and called meetings. Published progress reports, posters, publicity materials and convention book. Booked out the Kalorama Chalet for the weekend. Created and organised two strands of activities, liaising and booking appropriate experts where necessary (e.g. belly dancing instructor for introductory belly dancing class). Oversaw convention and acted as M.C. on the actual weekend.


Organiser, EAGLETS, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Head organiser for the Eastern Group Local Economic Trading System. Put together the original committee, created the publicity materials, lectured on the system, wrote the rules of association, produced the monthly newsletter and the quarterly trade directory, called meetings and activities, maintained finances.


Organiser, ConCave II, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Head organiser. The convention was held from August 2-4 1991 and had four strand round the clock programming. Put together the publicity campaign; made arrangements with the Swanston Hotel (a four star facility); liaised with our special guests (Frank Hellard, David Cox, Tony Laurence and Jeremy Parker); created and organised the panel discussions, movie viewing rooms, gaming and art show; brought in 3RRR The Science Show for a live taping; set safety policies and created a security team; found business sponsors; hosted the opening and closing ceremonies and The Wheel of Fandom Show; oversaw all activities at the time of the convention.


President, English Undergraduate Association, Seattle, Washington U.S.A. Coordinated public programs such as the Shakespearean film series, "1984: An Orwell Retrospective", Ivan Doig public reading and "How to get Your Writing Published"with David Hartwell editor, and Hugo and Nebula award winning writer Vonda McIntyre.