Multimedia Developer


Project Manager, Unite Starter CD-ROM, Unite, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Managed three sets of contractors to create a CD-ROM to promote Unite to new users, and assist users in logging onto this new national Internet service provider.


Content Developer for Federation Square Screen Culture Museum, Cinemedia, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Participated in a think tank for developing the opening multimedia exhibition. Wrote the accepted proposal for content.


Online Publisher, Glass Wings, Melbourne, Victoria Australia, March 1994-Present. Produced the first commercial World Wide Web and Gopher site in Australia. Also, one of the first sites to be preserved by the Pandora Archive. Produced the first online multimedia comic strip in the world. Won an international award for 1995 from Web Point for the quality of the Glass Wings site, plus many other such awards. Written up in Wired July 1997. Subject of discussion in Salon, 7 June 1999. Organise writers, artists, photographers, and actors to present original material on the Internet. Edit, hypertextually markup, write, create graphic art, perform, and electronically manipulate original material. Arrange for advertising sponsors. Publicise site so that as of May 1995 the site was receiving close to a half million accesses a month. Currently we have a hit rate well over three million a month. Other sites we have developed include: