Academic Lecturer


Guest Lecturer, Department of Visual Art, Design & Multimedia, Victoria University, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Lectured several classes for the Games Development course on interactive storytelling for a term. Lectured several classes for the Interactive Media course on writing for multimedia for a term. Taught students the principals of interactivity design, plot development, story development, worldbuilding, mapping, and the history of computer games and computer based storytelling.


Guest Lecturer, Masters of Virtual Communication, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Called upon to lecture on methods and applications of writing skills to digital media.


Writing and Multimedia Post-Graduate Supervisor, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Assisted students with developing Masters and PhD theses and projects. Developed a research methods course specifically for post-graduate students of the Professional Writing and Editing course.


Writing for Multimedia Lecturer, Department of Professional Writing and Editing, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology,TAFE, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Taught students the basic principals of interactivity design, interface design, combining words with graphics, combining words and graphics with sound, plot development, storyboarding, scripting, database management, collaboration, scheduling, budgeting, project development and management, etc. Also taught students raw HTML and Web design.


Workshop Leader, Professional and Graduate Education Program, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Asked to run a one day workshop in good web design.


Course Leader, Box Hill Community Arts Centre, Box Hill, Victoria Australia. Taught creative writing course.


Teacher's Assistant, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington U.S.A. Graded papers for a second year poetry class and a second year great works class. Held tutorials once a week and took over for the professor at the end of the term, teaching modern poetry.