Stage and Screen: writer, director, producer


Screenwriter, Monkeystack, Adelaide, South Australia. Hired to write the scripts for two projects by this animation company. The first project was for an Australian Film Commission initiative in combination with Big Pond. I wrote five short scripts dealing with "Great Moments in History". More recently as part of a team of writers I assisted in outlining a season worth of episodes for Bridget Goddess a new cartoon series produced by Nickelodeon.

Writer/Director/Producer, Fly Glass Wings: The Movie. Wrote and directed the screenplay for a full-length feature film version of Fly Glass Wings for the purposes of taking to film festivals and possible later vodcasting. Managed around 40 volunteer cast and crew, including professional contributors. The film is currently in post-production.


Writer/Director/Producer, Fly Glass Wings 1.0: "Prepare for Take Off". Vodcast/mediacast variety show. Wrote comedy sketches, organised additional acts, brought together cast and crew, arranged for technical equipment, directed, produced, and designed the Web site. The show was done live before a paying audience. Every seat was filled.


Writer/Director/Facilitator, UNICEF International Children's Day of Broadcasting. On 12 December arranged for a live Webcast on Glass Wings of puppetry plays performed by the children at Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital. Wrote the plays, assisted children with creating puppets and rehearsing lines.


University Training, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington USA. Studied acting (2 yrs); lighting, sound and set design (1 yr), puppetry (1 yr with Aurora Valentinetti), TV production (1 yr) and screen & playwriting (4 yrs). I worked as lighting assistant and later as stagemanager for productions put on by the Professional Actors Training Program. I worked with people such as Kyle MacLachlan and William O'Leary before they went onto film and television.