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MechWarrior 2: The Clans demo

By: Activision

Copyright (c) 1994 Lee Perkins

Viewed from the wrong end of its trio of particle-beam cannons, an 85-ton Marauder assault Mech is an awesome sight. Now, imagine that a dinky 35-ton Adder has just picked a fight with one; the word "mincemeat" springs rather easily to mind, does it not? Think again!

Based on FASA Corporation's popular BattleTech futuristic RPG combat system, MechWarrior 2 is a stunning 3D simulation that allows the player to choose from a selection of 16 immense, walking combat vehicles known as "Battlemechs". For those unfamiliar with Mech combat, the whole process is something akin to a wicked, slow-motion dogfight. Most of these war machines carry enough firepower to rout an entire tank division unassisted, so take care to choose the right Mech for the job!

Some of the lighter (i.e: 20 to 45 tons) Mechs are equipped with jump-jets, allowing them to perform the dreaded "Death From Above" manoeuvre. A thoroughly nasty stunt at close quarters, and there is little one can do once one of them gets close enough to avoid your Mech's heavy weapons. The Adder in this excellent (but tricky) demo program likes to run UNDER your Marauder, so you will get plenty of practice in short range combat.

The full versions with campaign options and serial/modem play capability (PC, CD-ROM) will be available around April this year, at a RRP of $99.95, with an expansion mission disk due for release in May. A Super Nintendo cartridge version is due for release around September this year.

Reviewed on: PC 386 SX-33, Sound Blaster Pro audio card

Recommended retail price: $10.00 per 3.5 HD floppy disk

Challenge:      75%
Entertainment:  85%
Sound:          70%
Graphics:       80%
Software supplied by:

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