Geek Day Out 2000

Notes & Bolts
27 September 2000

Meeting convened on 27 September. Those present at this meeting were: Kirsty, Nicole, Campbell, Greg, Clae, Olaf, Andrew, Katherine. The discussion focussed on finalising the events and getting costs together pronto.

Final Event List

Event Who
Robots/Open Source Toys/Toy Hacking Kirsty will be demoing in the Chill Room
Laser harp Kirsty/Olaf
Multi-player gaming Linux Gamers League/ Tony *please*
Webcam broadcast perhaps with Sydney link Andrew
Party music Clan Analogue/Katherine
Software demos perhaps with music and animation Andrew/Nicole
Polo/T-shirts & pocket protectors Katherine
Chill room Katherine
Special Guest Andrew/Katherine
Catering Campbell
  • Ka-ping, who works with Industrial Light and Magic, has agreed to be a guest. We now need a bio from him.
  • Katherine emphasised that an accounting of all our expenses needs to be completed soon, so that we know how much to ask sponsors.
  • Nicole has agreed to come with Katherine on some of the calls for sponsorship.
  • A need was expressed to set a date and time to see the venue. Greg seemed to think that we may be able to do so this Saturday.
  • Clae from Clan Analogue, Olaf keeper of the Laser Harp, and others felt that the technology shows need to be at the party, and the workshops about the technology need to be during ACE.
  • It was generally decided that we need to get into the venue by 10am Friday 20 October, start the party around 7pm and go until 1am.
  • Katherine suggested that those who pay $10 to participate in ACE should get into the party for free. However, people only coming for the party should still pay $5 entry fee in order to discourage party crashers.
  • We need to check into public performance payment with APRA.
  • We need organiser t-shirts and something to make the organisers visible to party goers. Nicole suggested glow sticks.
  • We will need bios of Olaf and Clan Analogue to go onto the Geek Party site.
  • We need to make a more public geek party site.
  • We will need to be hiring a van, data projector, video projector, screens, trestle tables for catering and laser harp, etc.
  • Andrew suggested that we might want to contact Lionel, Paradigm4, and Morgan about assistance.
  • Clae suggested that Access AV, High St. Northcote, might be a good group for doing our lighting. Olaf suggested AV Effects, St. Kilda Rd. St. Kilda.
  • We will need to discuss ticket taking at the next meeting.

  • Next meeting Wednesday 04 October 7pm.