Geek Nite Out 2000

Ka-Ping Yee

Ka-Ping Yee is presently a graduate student in Computer Science at the University of California at Berkeley. He has developed computer animation tools for Alias / Wavefront many of which are now included with the product, has worked at the Canadian Space Agency, Xerox Parc and most recently as a Production Software Engineer at the George Lucas movie effects company Industrial Light And Magic, with credits on Wild Wild West and Rocky and Bullwinkle.

He is one of the early inventors of mediators (some of which are also referred to as "proxies") including Shodouka, which makes it possible to view Japanese documents without a Japanese-capable operating system or client, MINSE which makes it possible to display mathematical equations in any document and CritLink for attaching comments to Web pages. He also developed a graphical front end in Python for the Xanadu hypertext system. He knows and has worked with Eric Drexler (nanotechnology), Ted Nelson (hypertext) and Douglas Englebart (the mouse, collaboration software).

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