Geek Nite Out 2000

Thank Yous

Who Many Thanks For:
Andrew Pam Major financial contribution. Assisting with organising, errand running, and networking.
Campbell Hewston Assisting with organising, arranging for food, and doing much of the grunt work on the night.
Clae and Clan Analogue Providing us with really hoopy, live, electronic music.
Erik Bunn Pitching in with spreading the word and doing some of the grunt work.
Evelyn Mitchell of
Generosity of spirit and vision to have faith in us. A special thanks for her financial contribution.
Greg Thomas of ACE Sharing our vision and letting us combine with the Alternative Computing Expo.
James Brusey Donating his time to share his knowledge of robotics.
Janne Jalkanen Helping with organising, grunt work, and drafting his friends to come join us. Thanks too for sharing his experience organising similar events.
Ka-Ping Yee His willingness to be our Special Guest. Bless you for being such a helpful and supportive guest. We really enjoyed having you.
Katherine Phelps Organising.
Kirsty Boyle Assisting with organising, getting us connected with many interesting and useful people, speaking about her passion for toys and telepuppetry.
Laurie Campbell & Son Sharing his longtime experience of organising Confest, and assisting with errands and grunt work.
Michael Czajka Fixing the door to the building.
Nicole Morissette Financial sponsorship, organising, and terrific balloon designs with Philip. You have been a big help and we wish you nothing but joy in your new home in Vancouver Canada.
Philip Richardson Being our other big sponsor. Special thanks for your generosity of spirit in contributing financial resources, balloon resources, time and effort. You are truly the embodiment of Santa Claus in the best sense.
Stuart Young Helpful suggestions, spreading the word, and helping with the game networking.
Tony Collins Organising and bringing along the skills and passions of the Linux Gamers League to demonstrate multi-player computer gaming. Yours was a real high point of the night.
Linux Users Group of Victoria (LUV) Support and promotion. You people are the tops!
Friends, Family, Volunteers, and Participants Making sure we all had a fun night out. We couldn't have done it without you!

Forgive me if I have not mentioned everyone or all that people have contributed. Please know that everyone's participation has been much appreciated. Big virtual hugs to everybody!