Utopia Now

You appear with a fresh feeling tingle. You are standing near a cluster of small temple like buildings. They are made of a lacquered wood that shines bright gold in the sun and are perched high up amongst jagged mountains. Looking out from the mountaintop you can see the whole world spread out before you like a sparkling jewel. From this height the world seems so perfect, so beautiful. You take a deep breath of the pure air and sigh, "This is utopia!"



Personal World Peace Kit

The purpose of these meditations is for us to create within ourselves a point of peace with which others can respond, and thereby help the process of creating world peace on an individual and then community level.


An index of many human and spiritual values which leads to meditations on each.

Contemplating the Cosmos: Essays

My thoughts on life, the universe, and everything.

My Cosmology

If I were God, how would I create the universe? How would you?

Wedding Speech

I was asked to be the priestess at a pagan wedding. This is the resulting speech.

Local Economic Trading Systems

A sustainable form of economics that sees all people acknowledged for all forms of useful social contributions. Visit OzletsNews Online for more information.

Human Rights

The United Nations document on Human Rights is just as relevant today as it was in 1948. Definitely worth a read and ponder.


A page of links to spiritual resources

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