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So what is to say, in a quick website bio?

I was born in the mid-to-late 1970s. I am a graduate of The Evergreen State College, was once a reporter for a weekly newspaper, did a stint for a year as a graduate student in communication at Washington State University, and have since rededicated myself to drawing pictures and trying to make money off them. I am five feet eleven.

I really love drawing comics.

As an undergrad, I was a finalist for the 1998 Scripps-Howard Foundation Charles M. Schulz College Cartoonist Award, and won the 1999 College Media Advisers award for Best Strip Cartoon.

But of course, those things are of dwindling relevance. What matters now is, do people like the strip? I do hope you enjoy.

I also draw a more overtly political strip--it appears in Funny Times and various small newspapers, and has its own site, here.

Also, here are some interviews with me, in which I talk about comics and stuff:

Comixpedia interview, October 17, 2004. Al Schroeder of Comixpedia interviewed me via e-mail. This appeared in Comixpedia's "webcomics and politics" issue, for which I also drew the cover.

Interview from The Olympian, April 2, 1999. I was a senior in college when Olympia's major (well, sort of) newspaper sent an intern to interview me. The quotes are sort of paraphrases of what I actually said, and the author, J.D. Stanek, actually managed to misspell the name of my strip, but it's generally accurate otherwise. Also I like the photo they took.

D.C. Simpson

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