The man.

Strips drawn by other people, for various reasons. Thanks, guys.

Ozy & Millie by Bill Holbrook
From April 1, 1999: The April Fools' comic swap. Bill Holbrook, of Kevin and Kell fame, drew my strip, and I drew his—visit his site for a look at my contribution on that historic date.

Scotty Arsenault, who would go on to draw Commander Kitty, filled in during a weeklong vacation in January 2000:
Scotty Arsenault strip 1
Scotty Arsenault strip 2
Scotty Arsenault strip 3
Scotty Arsenault strip 4

Ozy & Millie by Julie Miyamoto
Julie Miyamoto sent me a strip during the same break—unfortunately it was right at the end and I was starting up my regular rotation again. It's included here nonetheless, and Julie's vision of an older Timulty should help provide an answer for anyone wondering why they never see me at conventions...

Thomas K. Dye strip 1
In spring of 2000, Thomas K. Dye of Newshounds fame traded vacation strips with me. It was summer before I actually needed to use it.

Thomas K. Dye strip 2
Then, in summer 2001, while I was on break again, Thomas did another.

Thomas K. Dye strip 3

Thomas K. Dye strip 4
Thomas also did two more strips over Easter 2003.

Yackley strip
Ben Yackley did a strip in July 2005.

K. Dye strip 5
Thomas also did another strip in July 2005.

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