A Roman Numeral Digital Clock!

Well, I finally have one. My very own Roman numeral digital clock! I first thought of this clock sometime in the seventies or eighties, when watching various science fiction shows where they have a countdown. To make it seem all futuristic the counter was usually digital. But look at how those things are organised. They can easily represent Roman numerals. I just loved the thought of such a delightful incongruity. The original Star Trek episode "Bread and Circuses" should have had one of these.

In the nineties Andrew, my partner in crime for this site, promised he would program such a clock for me for my birthday. This never happened, but he did see the Useless Creations site and recommend that I ask the wonderful gentleman there whether he would make me such a clock. And here it is!

Thanks heaps Rob. You are a doll.


LCD Mode Screen Shot

LCD mode roman numeral digital clock

Red LED Mode Screen Shot

Red LED mode roman numeral digital clock

Green LED Mode Screen Shot

Green LED mode roman numeral digital clock

Download Useless Clock Program