You have been teleported to the doorway of a theatrette. Those who have arrived before you are seating themselves on rows of calico covered pillows on the floor. At the front of the room is a little stage with bright patchwork curtains, which are held to either side with yellow silk sashes. Over the stage in gold painted letters are the words "Nothing can withstand the powers of love, laughter and imagination." A lovely young woman dressed in motley, with bells tied into the ribbons in her hair and sewn into the tips of her shoes, comes jangling to centre stage. "Would you like to hear a story," she asks with a twinkle in her eyes.



  • The Oracle of Household Chores
  • Finally, an oracle that will give you genuinely good advice! Playing with it is also a good excuse for not doing the chores.

Miscellaneous Merriment & Mayhem

Cartoon Adventure

Adventures in Grade 5: Stories by Vikki Petraitis

Humour of All-Sorts

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