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Sequential Squiggles
Holding 4th
Modern Adventure
Mostly Desserts and Other Culinary Atrocities
Sensual Celebrations

Sequential Squiggles

The Adventures of Rocketship Ginger
The Bunny People of Planet Pynk
Freier Fall
I Drew This
Ozy & Millie
Ozy & Millie in colour
Ozy & Millie - Deutsche Übersetzung
Ozy & Millie - Klingon translation
Ozy & Millie - Latin translation
Ozy & Millie - Russian translation
Unicorn Jelly
San Diego Comic Con 1998
San Diego Comic Con 1999
Further Confusion 2000
San Diego Comic Con 2000
San Diego Comic Con 2001


The Adventures of Rocketship Ginger
Bear With Me
The Bunny People of Planet Pynk
Can You Believe It?
Dainty Elephants
Dead Nuns
Deck the Halls in Strawberry Jelly
Duxson's Choice
The Frog
The Jabberwocky
The Joke Assortment with Chewy Centres
The Joke Assortment with Elephant Nouveau Creme
The Joke Assortment with Furballs
The Joke Assortment with Spring Surprise
The Joke Assortment with Summer Supreme Swirls
Martha the Huntsperson
The Oracle of Household Chores
The Owl and the Pussy-Cat
Ping Pong
A Portrait of Otterbein
The Principal's Office
The Rhinoceros in Maribeth's Living Room
Roman Numeral Digital Clock
Snotty McFee's Mother
A Trip to the National Gallery
We Have Humour on My Planet Also!

Three Little Things

Holding 4th

10 Things Humanity MUST Learn
A Dinkum Vote: What the US Can Learn From Australia
Beauty and Freedom for All
Compassion & Revenge
Dream into Reality
Everyone's a Winner: Building Self Esteem
Fight or Flight
The Freedom Symbol
How Can I?
How to Defeat Terrorism
If You Believe
A Modern Satyagraha
Mostly Vegetarian
My Ideal Peaceful Rally
My State of the US Report
Notes on Making Change
A PNG of the Future
So Long
Sometimes Depression is the Cure
Strength to Go On
Stuff to Think About
Symbols of Truth, Symbols of Freedom
Tolerance: A Skill for Bringing Together The Human Family
When a Pressure Group Calls
Xenophilic Philosophy

Modern Adventure

24 hours with someone you know
The Age of the Essay
Being In It Together
Cats In Space
The Choicest Bits
Christmas 2003
Death Camp Horror Still Haunts Visitors
Eileen and the Black Horse of Cormar
Gallery KJP
E. M. Christensen
For the Love of Music
Untitled (impossible)
Koffee, Kafes & Kulture
The Kolna Conflict
Love or Indigestion
Observations on the Life of Artists
Penguins Ad Infinitum
Pixilating the Storyteller
Popper's Disease
Untitled (rent)
Serene Smile
Story Shapes for Digital Media
Storytronics a time beyond logic;

The poetry of Timothy Hamilton

Mostly Desserts and Other Culinary Atrocities

Big Name Cola Cake
The Chocolate Biscuits of Doom
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Fake Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Grandma's Easy Biscuits
Holey-Moley Tabbi's Guacamole
Hop on Poppy Noodles
Hotcha-cha Nachos
Katherine's Amazing Chocolate Cake
Peanut Butter Biscuits
Peanut Butter Soup
Pecan Tarts
Really Gross Over-Sweet Popcorn Balls
Screaming for Ice Cream
Volcanic Baklava

Sensual Celebrations

Aphrodite's Gift
The Bonobo Conundrum
Contraceptive Effectiveness Table
The D.I.Y. Revolution
Eat Me
Going Out
Human Sexual Rights
Issues Concerning "Open - Poly" Relationships
The Joys of Owning a Pussy
Keeping It Alive
Mystical Differences
Not Coming, Drowning
Pastel Defender Heliotrope
Pillow Talk
Practicing Safer Sex
Relationship Phonetics
Symbolism Embolism
Transcending an Abusive Relationship
Wedding Speech
12 Steps for Wooing Your Beloved to Bedtime Bliss
When It Happened to Me

Time Titties

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