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Monday, 13 November 2006

Strip for Monday, 13 November 2006

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Colored by GhostWay

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14 December 2007 23:41      I'm baaaaack!
~~Today's Strips - Occasional table by GhostWay
GhostWay Hey everyone! It's been a year, but I'm back from the wilds of the internet. Luckily for you, coloring is like riding a bicycle, so I'll be getting right back at things. Pull up a chair and enjoy the colors!

I promise it won't take me another year to get another strip colored. No, really. Honest!
14 December 2007 23:16      It never fails...
Caigan I'm guessing I shoulda realized the holidays are a bad time of year to start doing strips again, as since last time, I've been fairly busy with other projects and holiday preperations and whatnot.

Also, on the other side, I'm considering accepting 'Guest' colorings from non-standard House Rules color artists, though I haven't decided on anything yet!

Good news though is that an old artist has returned....GhostWay! Yay! He'll make his own news post shortly.

With the business of the holidays, I'm switching my postings to only two days a week, Monday and Wednesday.
3 December 2007 23:07      And return I shall!
~~Today's Strips - Never say never again by Caigan
Caigan And here you thought I wasn't going to show up, eh? Have a bad habit of doing that, don't I.

But on to newer, happier things! I have returned, and for now I will do a 5 day strip run for a while, till maybe another artist shows back up, or till real life reels me back once more and I drop to a monday/wednesday/friday routine.

Now, to get around to finishing this story arc I started coloring waaaay back when....
27 November 2007 21:37      A belated return...
Caigan ...shall commence soon!

Hey all, I wonder if any of you are still watching this site. I won't bore you with details or reasons or excuses for my not posting strips for over two months, but instead I shall give you good news!

On December the 2nd, I will return to a regular posting schedule! I haven't solidifed what days the site will be updated, but I want to say at LEAST three days a week will be filled with colored Ozy and Millie strips!

Until then!
11 September 2007 6:34      And I'm back, with news!
Caigan So last weekend was Kumoricon, and took the rest of the week off to relax and recover from working as a staff member (woo thats exhausting, but worth it!).

I'm moving my posting schedule a bit to Wednesdays and Fridays. I'll have more time during those days to make strips than I will on Mondays.

Until Wednesday!
1 September 2007 4:13      Convention time!
Caigan Hey folks, sorry about not posting strips as of late, this week has been a twisting maze of hayfever, back problems, and getting everything ready for Kumoricon this weekend!

If you happen to be attending, shoot me an email at caiganmythfang (at . I'm on staff and will be there all three days.

There will be no strips from myself until next Friday, as the con ends Monday afternoon.

Have a great weekend everyone!
20 August 2007 23:45      A wolf's work...
~~Today's Strips - Struggling by Caigan
Caigan just never done. Never got to finishing my personal desk rebuild, as then got hit with more convention work. Only two weeks until the convention!

Here's a strip though!
18 August 2007 6:24      Late strip...
Caigan Moving computer stuff around to get more desk space, not really set up right now to color up a strip, so it'll be delayed till some time Saturday. Sorry for the delay folks!
14 August 2007 7:11      Yay, its a strip!
~~Today's Strips - Poke poke poke poke by Caigan
Caigan Yep, its a strip, sorry for not posting one up last week, was swamped. Still am actually, but I needed a break from it, and coloring up a strip was a good diversion.

12 August 2007 18:51      Happy Birthday Felix!
Caigan Would just like to give a special birthday message to Felix, who has done a whole lot for House Rules since close to its beginnings, including hosting and the domain name.

From all of us at House Rules, Happy Birthday Felix!!!
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