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With a twinkling of the eye you appear in a very peculiar room. The chamber seems to be the inside of a many faceted prism, through which sunlight is pouring and rainbows sparkle in the air. In the middle of this space is a realistic globe of the world with moving clouds. In curiosity you put your hand against one facet, and are suddenly given an insight into one aspect of life on earth. You are in the library of perspectives! Feel free to enjoy the essays here.


The Harder Truths of Life

Sometimes it's good to be reminded about what is most true.

The Dangers of Anti-Science: Stephen Hawking's Fear of Dangerous Aliens

We need people listening to scientific warnings. As such we need to keep the scientific house clean.

The Logic of Acceptance

Thoughts on why it's critical we learn how to accept one another.

Sometimes Depression is the Cure

Thoughts on non-medical depression.

Notes on Making Change

A collection of thoughts on making the world a better place.

My State of the US Report

A peculiar perspective on developments in that country.

10 Things Humanity MUST Learn

Ten values that are crucial to the future of our planet.

Xenophilic Philosophy

A philosophy encouraging us to value, honour, respect and love life and all living beings.

How To Defeat Terrorism

An insightful essay by Benjamin Kuipers about the dynamics of terrorism, as well as thoughtful ideas about how to defeat it.

A Modern Satyagraha

This is a list of ten real steps that can be taken for people to become empowered in a way that creates a more compassionate society.

A Dinkum Vote: What the US Can Learn From Australia

Not all democratic systems are the same. Some have a few innovations from which the US could learn.

Mostly Vegetarian

Discussing the issues behind vegetarianism.

When a Pressure Group Calls

I had the unfortunate experience of being called upon by a pressure group once. No one had any advice at the time as to how I should handle the situation. So, I came up with this to help myself and others.

Everyone's a Winner: Building Self Esteem

Some ways of liking ourselves help us better than others. (written for children)

Tolerance: A Skill for Bringing Together The Human Family

Imagine it! A world where everyone gets along. (written for children)

September 11 Essays

These essays were written to a mailing list in response to current events.

Compassion & Revenge
13 September 2001

Vengeance will not resolve anything, and here is an example story of why.

Stuff to Think About
20 September 2001

Issues we need to think about when we stand for peace.

Beauty and Freedom for All
23 September 2001

We need to look within to find security, we need to live as if we are secure, and believe in a beautiful future to create security.

Strength to Go On
27 September 2001

When overwhelmed by the sadness of the world what you can do to give yourself strength to continue the good work.

A PNG of the Future
02 October 2001

The best way to create the future is to envision the best of what it can be. This article postulates one future.

05 October 2001

Thoughts on the nature of truth.

09 October 2001

We must cherish what we have now in order to have more of it in the future. We must cherish what we have and had in order to recognise what needs protecting. We must cherish in order to give us strength to grow.

Fight or Flight
10 October 2001

We need to put ourselves in a place whereby the fight or flight response does not rule us, but is of benefit.

Symbols of Peace, Symbols of Freedom
16 October 2001

A guide to help you select and use symbols of peace and freedom.

My Ideal Peaceful Rally
19 October 2001

A method for holding a peaceful rally successfully.

The Freedom Symbol
25 October 2001

Now and always we need to cherish, nurture and protect our freedoms. This article presents a rallying symbol for freedom and its underlying meanings.

So Long
05 November 2001

Living in fear tends to create more reasons to be fearful. You can do something to create more of what you want.

How Can I?
12 November 2001

How can I help you to embrace the idea that all things are of value?

If You Believe
14 November 2001

Various beliefs and how they affect the way we interact with the world, and thereby create it.

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