Over half of eligible aged care residents are yet to receive their COVID booster. And winter is coming

Mon, 19 Jun 2023 21:56:31 +1000

Andrew Pam <xanni [at] glasswings.com.au>

Andrew Pam

"As Australia heads towards the fourth winter of the pandemic, we have once
again started seeing an increase in the level of COVID circulating. With this
comes an increased risk of infection and serious illness.

Elderly people living in aged care are one of the groups facing the greatest

But the latest figures from the federal health department show that to May 24
just over 40% (42.9%) of aged care residents estimated eligible for a booster
vaccination have had their latest shot and are fully vaccinated.

If we also take into account immunity gained through recent infection in the
past six months, just over half (50.4%) of aged care residents are estimated to
have adequate levels of immunity.

Although numbers have increased considerably in the past few weeks, this is
plainly far from ideal."

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