LGBTQ+ people are facing increasing persecution globally, but refugee status is still extremely hard to get

Tue, 18 Jul 2023 03:51:13 +1000

Andrew Pam <xanni [at]>

Andrew Pam

"The newly passed Anti-Homosexuality Act in Uganda has made a country that was
already dangerous for LGBTQ+ people truly treacherous.

The new law includes the death penalty for the so-called offence of “aggravated
homosexuality”, defined as same-sex relations involving someone who is HIV
positive or under the age of 18.

Many countries around the world are moving towards decriminalising same-sex
relations (most recently Barbados, Singapore and the Cook Islands). Others,
however, are seeking to impose harsher laws.

For example, in Tanzania, the leader of the women’s wing of the government has
called for the castration of men convicted of same-sex related offences. Ghana,
meanwhile, appears to have watered down a draconian anti-gay bill, but only
after US Vice President Kamala Harris expressed concerns about it ahead of her

This increasing hostility towards LGBTQ+ people in some African nations is
causing many to flee. But gay and gender-diverse people have historically faced
enormous obstacles finding refuge abroad. Today, they remain among the most
vulnerable and marginalised of all asylum seekers."

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--               Andrew Pam                 Chief Scientist, Xanadu            Partner, Glass Wings               Manager, Serious Cybernetics

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