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28 July 2007 7:03      Slightly late but...
~~Today's Strips - Okay, say it by Caigan
Caigan ...with good reason. I took this opportunity to record myself coloring in the last frame, so that I could make another small video of my coloring technique to upload later.

But for now, enjoy this strip!
26 July 2007 11:38      
~~Today's Strips - Shared cultural moment by CodeCat
CodeCat And here's the third and last in this series. Caigan will be back tomorrow, and on tuesday I'll resume with the 'museum school trip' storyline.
25 July 2007 12:30      
~~Today's Strips - Jules Verne toilet plunger by CodeCat
CodeCat And here's the second part of the story.

Personally I think the text on the plunger, 'Journey to the center of the john' is hilarious. :P
24 July 2007 12:23      
~~Today's Strips - 870 pages by CodeCat
CodeCat Me and Caigan will be taking turns in strips for a while. I'll be supplying Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with strips, while Caigan will be here on Monday and Friday.

That said, and with Caigan's (as well as many others') Harry Potter syndrome still rampant, I thought it would be fitting to 'celebrate' this week with a short 3-strip storyline about exactly that. So, enjoy!
24 July 2007 2:53      Weee
~~Today's Strips - This looks like a job for... by Caigan
Caigan So...I was a bit delayed in getting a strip out Friday...which stretched into Saturday, when a certain stack of paper, in the shape of a book with an orange cover showed up. Well, five AM the next morning I was done with it, so I decided to hold onto the strip until today.


OH, and thank CodeCat for a few site improvements, mainly the nice new Update Schedule you can see above!
16 July 2007 19:12      I'm BAAAAACCCKKK
~~Today's Strips - Bad penny by Caigan
Caigan And I'm back folks! I needed a little break, a hiatus you may call it, from the strip and a bunch of other things. Yet now I am lets get this thing rolling again!

Now, I coulda sworn I uploaded this strip before I went on my little hiatus, but apparently not. Either that, or it got dumped under another strip's name...oh well, we'll fix it when we come to it.

I'm planning for at least two strips a week, if not more to start out with.
25 June 2007 18:11      
~~Today's Strips - Intellectual curiosity by CodeCat
CodeCat Welcome back again. Got a visitor over for a few days so if I skip a day or lag behind, you know why. ;)
22 June 2007 11:31      
~~Today's Strips - Millie's favorite ancient civilization by CodeCat
CodeCat Sorry for the delay, some stuff came up and I forgot to post on wednesday. Here you are, belatedly.
18 June 2007 11:06      
~~Today's Strips - In the long run by CodeCat
CodeCat And back for another week of strips. Have fun!
15 June 2007 12:19      
~~Today's Strips - Art in four panels by CodeCat
CodeCat Here's another for you, more next week!
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