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Tuesday 07 November 2006:

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November 3, 2006

I have in my possession the very last of the original Plan Nine Publishing Ozy and Millie books. I have a number of copies of books 2-5, and I'll be selling those pretty soon, but right now I'm going to start by auctioning off the last existing complete set (I have only one copy of book 1). I'll sign them, of course.

The auction is here.

Also, the strip of the 24th of October was extremely popular. I've sold the original, but so many people asked about it that I have signed prints of it available. (Technically I sell signed prints of any strip, but in this case I have a few pre-made.)

October 20, 2006

Also, I am happy to announce that I have now published the latest book of older O&M strips: The Big Book of Ancient, Semi-Coherent Wisdom.


This one includes, in terms of the original books, the second half of "Never Mind Pants," and most of "Ink and White Space" (I'm sorry they don't divide up evenly that way). It also includes several pages of my experimental drawings when I was redesigning the look of the characters in 2000, and the bonus story-poem from "Never Mind Pants."

With luck, I'll have the entire run of the strip back in print by the end of the year.

October 19, 2006

So, I hate to do this, which is why I don't very often, but here it is: I am in somewhat dire need of some extra cash.

So, let's call this...a combination sale and pledge week. For the rest of October I'm discounting the originals of strips by 10 percent (bringing them down to $90). I'll throw a sketch in if you buy one, too. They're 15 inches by 4.5 inches and do look very nice framed, and if you've thought of buying one, this would be a good time.

Doesn't hurt if you buy a print, a book, a shirt, or any of that stuff, either. And, if you want to just toss a few bucks in the tip jar...good Karma can be yours, cheap!

I really hate to come off as a huckster, but I could use some help, so...thanks very much, in advance. Helping pay the cartoonist's car insurance and grocery expenses is a good deed indeed.

July 3, 2006

So, to answer some of people's questions about "Prehistrionics: Ozy and Millie, 1997-2000":

I'm rereleasing the old material for several reasons. One, Plan 9 has had issues keeping the old stuff in stock. This way, it will never be sold out.

Two, I've always wanted to repackage the early material definitively; previously, the May 2000 style redesign fell midway through book 2. This way, it falls neatly at the end of a book. And I included all the O&M artwork and extras from that period I could find, including the bonus section from the original book 1, as well as some stuff I'd never published before and had forgotten existed. So, this one encapsulates, in essence, Ozy and Millie's initial, defining phase, in one place.

I also wrote commentary on almost everything I included, and tried to actually be insightful, mostly avoiding the easy "oh, I'd draw this so much better now" (although, like all artists, I believe I would).

It was a lot of work. But, I'm pleased with it. It's a lot more, for the same cover price as the earlier books.

I've got more rereleases planned, that should cover everything through book 5 ("Om"). Basically I'll be condensing the first five books into three that will be larger but cost the same, and making them as comprehensive as I can make them.

My plan is to at least have the next rerelease after this (called "The Big Book of Ancient, Semi-Coherent Wisdom: Ozy and Millie, 2000-2001," featuring this cover) and a collection of "Greatest Hits" (a book designed for people who only want to own one O&M book, or perhaps something you could give a friend you'd like to rope into reading this strip) out by the holiday season.

June 28, 2006


At long last, I've completed my book rerelease of the earliest material: "Prehistrionics."

Fully annotated, as complete as I could make it: this book contains everything from the strip's dorm-room inception in 1997, up to the May 2000 style redesign. I put a lot of work into getting this right.

May 1, 2006

Beware! She moves!

Reader (and House Rules co-colorist) Steve Puckett took a part of a Sarah Vowell piece from "This American Life" that I posted online a while ago (sped up slightly) to demonstrate that Ms. Vowell is really the only possible voice talent for Millie, and fleshed it out into a full flash animation. It's lovely.

D.C. Simpson

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