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1 in 4 adults think smacking is necessary to ‘properly raise’ kids. But attitudes are changing
20% of Australian students don’t finish high school: non-mainstream schools have a lot to teach us about helping kids stay
45 Years Ago, One Kids Book Series Taught A Generation How To Make Bad Decisions
5 reasons kids still need to learn handwriting (no, AI has not made it redundant)
6 books to help talk to your child about climate change
A Big New Report on American Children Is Out. It’s Horrific.
A silver lining from the pandemic: how lockdowns helped kids learn the languages their parents speak
A year after Pakistan’s floods, 44% of children have stunted growth. What can be done about it?
Africa's largest polio vaccination drive since 2020 targets 21 million children
AI was asked to create images of Black African docs treating white kids. How'd it go?
An Enby Speaks: 6 Survival Tips Parents Should Tell Trans Children
APA Report Says That Media & Politicians Are Simply Wrong About Kids & Social Media; Media Then Lies About Report
The Arizona School Setting Kids With Autism Up for Success
Australian government urged to guarantee three days of childcare a week for all children under five
Australian women and children in squalid Syrian camp are being detained unlawfully, federal court told
Australia’s child workers are vulnerable to injury, harassment and exploitation thanks to weak and inconsistent laws
Australia’s drug regulator received two hoax reports of children dying from Covid vaccines
Beyond ‘Sesame Street’: African kids’ shows go local
The bicibús: how Barcelona got kids cycling safely to school – and loving it!
Bringing 13 million more children into school: Lessons from Punjab
British Home Children: Antique box tells heart-breaking history
Bushfire smoke affects children differently. Here’s how to protect them
Cases of flesh-eating invasive strep A bacteria surge in Australian children
Censorship or sensible: is it bad to listen to Fat Bottomed Girls with your kids?
Chances are your child’s school uses commercial programs to support teaching: what parents should know
Children are being hit hard this flu season. Some experts are calling for more antiviral use
Children in Gaza ‘developing severe trauma’ after 16 days of bombing
Children in Palestine and Israel continue to suffer as international law is routinely ignored
Children reaching UK in small boats sent to jail that houses adult sex offenders
‘Children won’t be able to survive’: inter-American court to hear from climate victims
China officials hit by US sanctions over ‘forced assimilation’ of children in Tibet
Climate change threatens the rights of children. The UN just outlined the obligations states have to protect them
Climate crisis: what to consider if you’re questioning whether to have children
Clinics Offering Child Care Help Parents Clear Arrest Warrants
Controversial research pulls Westmead children's hospital into centre of fight over gender care
Cooking fuels linked to developmental delays in kids
Fewer children in England having teeth out since sugar tax began, study finds
First Nations-led child protection, independent police oversight amongst Yoorrook recommendations
George Takei 'Lost Freedom' some 80 years ago – now he's written that story for kids
Governor Newsom Announces Statewide Expansion of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to Provide Universal Access to Free Books for Young Children
Guess What? Mem Fox’s children’s book was banned in Florida over ‘nudity’ – but bathing is not a sexual act
Heard of ‘kindy flu’? There’s no such thing. But kids are at risk this flu season for one simple reason
Home schooling is surging, but lax regulation can leave kids vulnerable to abuse
How Books Are Reaching Kids in ‘Book Deserts’
How Children’s TV Is Helping Families Grapple With the Climate Crisis
How John Steinbeck tricked his kids into reading great books
‘How long before climate change will destroy the Earth?’: research reveals what Australian kids want to know about our warming world
How removing parenting payments when children turned 8 harmed rather than helped single mothers
How The War Against Free Lunch Targets Black School Children
In our schools, many families speak Mixteco. So we decided to translate children’s books into the Indigenous language.
In This Arizona City, Kids With Autism Are More Than Welcome
Innocent Queensland children pleading guilty to avoid harsh bail laws, lawyers say
International Red Cross investigates abduction of children from Ukraine by Belarusian Red Cross
Iranian Children's Rights Activist Handed Prison Term
Is it finally time to ban junk food advertising? A new bill could improve kids’ health
‘It a punitive f***ing system’: Brooke Oliver spent a majority of her life as a ward of the state, now she helps kids coming out of care
‘It’s about making our children feel proud’: how schools can learn about local Indigenous language and culture
Japan ponders custody changes as Australia sends Hogwarts-style letters to abducted kids
Jim Henson’s kids explain why Dark Crystal and Labyrinth would never get made today
Kids dressing up as older people is harmless fun, right? No, it’s ageist, whatever Bluey says
‘The kids had all been tortured’: Indonesian military accused of targeting children in West Papua
Leading ‘Save The Kids!’ Advocate Pushing Absolutely Dangerous ‘Protect The California’ Ballot Initiative That Will Do Real Harm To Children
‘Like Guantánamo’: the children locked in solitary for weeks at a time in Queensland youth prison
Media sensationalism is demonising vulnerable children, UQ researcher says
Mullet Champ USA: 2023 Kids Top 25
New Study In The Journal Of Pediatrics Says Maybe It’s Not Social Media, But Helicopter Parenting That’s Making Kids Depressed
No Health Care in School? Anti-LGBTQ Moms Sacrifice Kids to Ideology.
No more BMI, diets or ‘bad’ foods: why changing how we teach kids about weight and nutrition is long overdue
Opinion: Sick of your kids being sick? Clean air in schools may be the answer
Our children are victims of road violence. We need to talk about the deadly norms of car use
Parents cannot dictate what other parents’ children can read
Politicians Are Using Kids As Props To Pass Terrible, Harmful Legislation. Don’t Let Them Get Away With It
‘Predatory’ shops are selling lollies and vapes to children across Australia, with no date set for import ban
Promotional techniques on junk food packaging are a problem for children’s health – Australia could do better
Queensland is not only trampling the rights of children, it is setting a concerning legal precedent
Quiet on Set highlights how we don’t keep child stars safe – in Hollywood or online
The Revolutionary Influence of the First English Children’s Novel
Rheumatic heart disease in Indigenous children could be spread by throat bacteria, researchers find
Roald Dahl was a bigot and beloved children’s author. Wes Anderson shows both sides of this complicated persona
School’s out: how climate change is already badly affecting children’s education
Sci-fi books are rare in school even though they help kids better understand science
Scottish Children’s Futures Are At Risk as Long Covid Takes Hold
Some deaf children in China can hear after gene therapy treatment
State governments forced to indemnify church bodies for child abuse due to insurance ‘market failure’
Study: 1 in 6 kids have persistent COVID symptoms for 3 months after infection
Study: Air purifier use at daycare centres cut kids' sick days by a third
Study: Kids with COVID but no symptoms play key role in household spread
‘Suddenly it’s cool’: children believe use of influencers in gambling ads makes it seem fun
Teacher Sounds Alarm On 'Elephant In The Room' Reason Kids Are So Much Harder To Manage Now
Tess Finch Lee: Children are not immune to Covid, so we must pull out all the stops to protect them
This course examines the dark realities behind your favorite children’s stories
The UN is calling the Israel-Hamas war a ‘graveyard of children’. In an adult conflict, the young are suffering most
‘Unreasonable, unjust, oppressive’: how a police program targeted Indigenous kids
Up to 220 Indonesians could be compensated after children wrongly jailed in Australia as people smugglers
Urban sprawl is ‘not a dirty word’? If the priority is to meet all kids’ needs, it should be
US teacher faces sacking after reading Australian children’s book to class
Violent and disturbing war images from the Mideast can stir deep emotions − a PTSD expert explains how to protect yourself and your kids from overexposure
We teach school kids about safe sex. We need to teach safe sexting too
What are we teaching our children when we use them as taxpayers of convenience?
What do we know about long COVID in kids? And what do I do if I think my child has it?
What is kinship care? Why is it favoured for Aboriginal children over foster care?
What should I give my child’s teacher at the end of the year?
Why are Australian children dying from the flu and what can we do to prevent it?
‘Why can’t I wear a dress?’ What schools can learn from preschools about supporting trans children
Why Norway — the poster child for electric cars — is having second thoughts
YouTube influencer Ruby Franke will go to prison for child abuse. What are the ethics of family vlogging?
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