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A major blackout left 500,000 Victorian homes without power – but it shows our energy system is resilient
A new kind of solar cell is coming: is it the future of green energy?
A Peruvian farmer is trying to hold energy giant RWE responsible for climate change – the inside story of his groundbreaking court case
A quarter of Queensland’s energy now generated from renewables
A successful energy transition depends on managing when people use power. So how do we make demand more flexible?
Aboriginal owners and energy investors team up in plan for $3bn green hydrogen plant in WA
African Climate Summit: An opportunity to decolonise Africa’s energy
Albanese government to rapidly expand investment scheme for clean energy projects
‘An energy war is being waged’: former oil boss warns of price rises after Ukraine infrastructure attacks
Australia is touted as a future clean energy ‘superpower’ – but research suggests other nations will outperform us
Australia is transitioning gas out of the energy system
Australia warned of ‘over-mining’ risk in race to secure minerals needed for clean energy
Beyond Juukan Gorge: how First Nations people are taking charge of clean energy projects on their land
Biden-Harris Administration Launches $7 Billion Solar for All Grant Competition to Fund Residential Solar Programs that Lower Energy Costs for Families and Advance Environmental Justice Through Investing in America Agenda
Cement-based supercapacitor makes a novel energy storage system
China's first desert-based solar and wind energy farm goes online
China’s Remote Deserts Are Hiding an Energy Revolution
China's shrewd grab for green energy recycling dominance
Chris Bowen says agreement on global fossil fuel phase out central to Australia’s renewable energy plans
Clean Energy Australia 2024
The Clean Energy Future Is Arriving Faster Than You Think
Clean energy is moving faster than you think
The clean energy milestone the world is set to pass in 2023
Clean technologies are driving job growth in the energy sector, but skills shortages are an increasing concern
Climate change: China sets stage for more of its transport to run on solar energy
Coal closures, battery storage, solar generation: The energy transition is everywhere
Coal will be all but gone by 2034 under Australia’s latest energy roadmap
Companies turn obsolete satellite antennas in Swiss Alps into highly efficient power sources: 'Ideal as solar energy systems'
Cooperation with the US could drive Australia’s clean energy shift – but we must act fast
COP28: Why China’s clean energy boom matters for global climate action
The Devolution Of Hydrogen For Energy Over 25 Years Is A Fascinating Tale
Driving the energy transition, EVs are simply better for the environment
Electrification is efficiency: The world will need less energy after the transition
The end of Oppenheimer’s nuclear energy dream: Modular reactors supported by ideology alone
Energy Agency Sees Peaks in Global Oil, Coal and Gas Demand by 2030
Energy providers and renewable technology companies developing 'novel' electric car charging prototypes for the bush
Energy Return On Investment Rears Its Misshapen Head Again
The Energy Transition in Five Charts and Not Too Many Numbers
Energy transition titan Hugh Saddler’s quest to cut emissions leaves lasting legacy
EU countries already hitting some of their sustainable energy targets for 2030
Eye on Climate Goals, China Names 15 Cities as New Energy Hubs
Facing increasing pressure from customers, some miners are switching to renewable energy
First Nations people must be at the forefront of Australia’s renewable energy revolution
Floating Solar Panels Turn Old Industrial Sites Into Green Energy Goldmines
The future of energy is community energy, and 100 per cent renewable
Germany Tests a Dutch Fix for Energy-Guzzling (and Ugly) Buildings
Gina Rinehart says renewable energy could use one-third of Australia’s prime agricultural land. Is she right?
The green energy surge still isn’t enough for 1.5 degrees. We’ll have to overshoot, adapt and soak up carbon dioxide
Greenpeace opposes nuclear energy. Young climate activists say that's 'old-fashioned'
Here’s how wastewater facilities could tackle food waste, generate energy and slash emissions
Hyped and expensive, hydrogen has a place in Australia’s energy transition, but only with urgent government support
If you build it, will they come? Insect community responses to habitat establishment at solar energy facilities in Minnesota, USA
In Scotland, making whisky with energy from wind, wood chips and tides
Kicking gas and electrifying households can slash energy bills by billions a year
Landlords should reveal homes’ energy efficiency to help Australia’s renters cut power bills, advocates say
‘Limitless’ energy: how floating solar panels near the equator could power future population hotspots
The low-carbon energy transition will need less mining than fossil fuels, even when adjusted for waste rock
Made in the USA: Ramping up clean energy manufacturing
Making fossil fuel companies accountable for their products’ emissions would support the clean energy transition
Mars launches “Australia first” thermal energy battery to cook petfood
Minimum energy standards urgently needed for space heaters, hot water systems and cooktops
Muscle, wood, coal, oil: what earlier energy transitions tell us about renewables
Myths are clouding the reality of our sustainable energy future
The Nationals want renewables to stay in the cities – but the clean energy grid doesn’t work like that
New paint gives extra insulation, saving on energy, costs, and carbon emissions
News Corp gasses up ‘green’ fossil fuels in a series on future energy – but does it pass the sniff test?
No-Nonsense Musing on the Energy Transition
NZ has the energy resources to adopt alternative food technologies – it just needs a plan
Progress in the clean energy transition
The push for nuclear energy in Australia is driven by delay and denial, not evidence
Queensland identifies ‘renewable energy zones’ as part of $62bn ‘super grid’ plan
Rapid progress of key clean energy technologies shows the new energy economy is emerging faster than many think
Renewable energy deployment surge puts global power system on track for the IEA’s ambitious net-zero pathway
Renewable Energy Investment Hits Record-Breaking $358 Billion in 1H 2023
Renewable energy is now cheap—what’s next?
Researchers found 37 mine sites in Australia that could be converted into renewable energy storage. So what are we waiting for?
Small Modular Reactors Aren’t Silver Bullet for Nuclear Energy Challenges
Solar Built on Trash Offers Solution to Renewable Energy’s Space Problem
Solar energy could power all health facilities in poorer countries and save lives, experts say
Solar Farms Out at Sea Are Clean Energy’s Next Breakthrough
Startup revives 140-year-old tech to generate energy for remote areas: 'Marks the beginning of a renewable transition'
Study reveals how SARS-CoV-2 alters mitochondria, leading to energy outages and organ failure
Surging renewable energy sees record supply to Australia’s electricity grid
Technology Advancements Could Unlock 80% More Wind Energy Potential During This Decade
Top green energy award for Maria Island’s 13,000-litre diesel reduction solar project
Traditional owners take majority stake in $3 billion Western Australian green energy project
US clean energy drive fuels shortage of engineers in Australia
Using electric water heaters to store renewable energy could do the work of 2 million home batteries – and save us billions
Victims of the green energy boom? The Indonesians facing eviction over a China-backed plan to turn their island into a solar panel ‘ecocity’
We need to decarbonise our electricity supply, and quickly – Alan Finkel shows how green energy can be a reality, and bring economic benefits
We Throw Away A Lot of Energy Which Is Why Electrifying Everything Matter
We urgently need $100bn for renewable energy. But call it statecraft, not ‘industry policy’
We used AI and satellite imagery to map ocean activities that take place out of sight, including fishing, shipping and energy development
What is metabolism? A biochemist explains how different people convert energy differently − and why that matters for your health
When it comes to renewable energy, why go solo when you can go community solar?
Where to Find the Energy to Save the World
Wind and solar energy saved Texans $11 billion in 2022
Wind Power’s Explosive Growth Is Blowing Past Green Energy Goals
Without community support, the green energy transition will fail. Here’s how to get communities on board
World Energy Outlook 2023
World record: Wind turbine generates enough energy in a day to power 170,000 homes
The World's Cleanest Energy Source Is Nearly Here
World’s largest battery maker announces major breakthrough in energy density
World’s renewable energy capacity grew at record pace in 2023
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