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1,374 Days: My life with long Covid
The 56-Year-Long Crisis of Treasonous & Illegitimate GOP Presidents is Happening Again
A decades-long decline in extreme poverty has gone into reverse — here’s how to fix things
A long-dead soprano has taken to the stage with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Are holograms the future?
A social and medical examination of Long COVID as a “mass disabling event”: Part 1
Africans discovered dinosaur fossils long before the term ‘palaeontology’ existed
After the chainsaws, the quiet: Victoria’s rapid exit from native forest logging is welcome – and long overdue
Are We Ready for the Long COVID Long-Haul?
As NZ struggles to resolve its long-running housing crisis, investors should be taxed for keeping homes empty
Bhutan becomes first country to sterilise all stray dogs after 14-year-long project
Bhutan has long been called the happiest nation on Earth. Here’s what life is really like in the tiny kingdom
Big electric trucks on the roads could be a long haul
Burnet Oration: Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly urges action for long COVID treatment
Calling drag queens ‘groomers’ and ‘pedophiles’ is the latest in a long history of weaponising those terms against the LGBTIQA community
Calls for a ‘green’ Ramadan revive Islam’s long tradition of sustainability and care for the planet
ChatGPT, how did you get here? It was a long journey through open source AI
China is playing the long game in the Pacific. Here’s why its efforts are beginning to pay off
Coca-Cola in Africa: a long history full of unexpected twists and turns
Common diabetes drug metformin could protect against long COVID
Evan Gershkovich: Wall Street Journal reporter latest in long line of journalists punished for doing their job
Every COVID Infection Increases Your Risk of Long COVID, Study Warns
Friday essay: the forgotten female soldiers who fought long ago – and why their stories matter today
From diagnosis to services and support: how Australia’s long COVID response is falling short
From lollies and baked beans to internet cafes and selfie sticks — the long history of the Australian corner shop
The Future of Long COVID
Ghana offers free long-term contraception in a ‘game changer’ for women’s reproductive health rights
Governments urged to end the neglect of long COVID prevention and treatment
Help End the Long COVID Crisis (U.S. Letter)
How both health and safety are compromised for people living with long COVID and intimate partner violence
How long does immunity last after a COVID infection?
Hurricanes push heat deeper into the ocean than scientists realized, boosting long-term ocean warming, new research shows
‘I couldn’t love her’: the last UK child migrants to Australia on the long, lonely search for their mothers
I feel responsible for my role in fracking agreements signed long ago. But I won’t stop fighting to save the Beetaloo basin
I have COVID. How likely am I to get long COVID?
Impact of Long COVID on productivity and informal caregiving
In Cleveland and beyond researchers begin to unravel the mystery of long COVID-19
International Criminal Court has cited Russia’s deportation of Ukrainian children a war crime: on Russia’s long history of weaponising deportation
The IPCC’s calls for emissions cuts have gone unheeded for too long – should it change the way it reports on climate change?
Is there a fundamental problem with the definition of long COVID?
Joshua Trees win long term protection in environmental victory
Let’s talk nuclear, the Coalition says – just don’t mention cost or how long it would take
Lighting up Long Covid
The long and storied history of transgender people in Australia and beyond
Long before women police officers came police ‘matrons’: who were they and what did they do?
Long COVID: 3 years in
Long Covid and the Economy: There Is Money in Prevention
Long COVID could be caused by the virus lingering in the body. Here’s what the science says
Long covid debuts on ME/CFS registry
Long Covid disabled them. Then they met a ‘broken’ Social Security disability process
Long covid has derailed my life. Make no mistake: It could yours, too.
Long COVID has some weird symptoms. Face blindness may be one them.
Long COVID Is Being Erased—Again
Long COVID is devastating and far from rare. As infections rise again, why are we still ignoring it?
Long Covid Is Real. Now the Evidence Is Piling Up.
The long Covid nightmare is far from over, especially for women of color
Long COVID Persists as a Mass Disabling Event
Long COVID puts some people at higher risk of heart disease – they need better long-term monitoring
Long COVID Rate in Africa Is Almost 50% of Cases, Researchers Warn
Long COVID research pledge prompts push to consider mystery links to other illness
Long COVID stemmed from mild cases of COVID-19 in most people
Long COVID symptoms can improve, but their resolution is slow and imperfect
Long covid: the doctors’ lives destroyed by an illness they caught while doing their jobs
Long COVID: The health and economic impacts in Australia
Long COVID will take your health, your wealth — then it will come for your marriage
The Long Reach of China’s Demographic Destiny
Long-hidden ruins of vast network of Maya cities could recast history
Long-term outcomes following hospital admission for COVID-19 versus seasonal influenza: a cohort study
Many Canadians have had long COVID for almost 4 years. Researchers say there's hope
The melting Arctic is a crime scene. The microbes I study have long warned us of this catastrophe – but they are also driving it
Millions of people have long COVID brain fog — and there's a shortage of answers
MRI study spotlights impact of long COVID on the brain
‘No one is talking about it’: the cruelty of long Covid in the global south
NYC Has Left People With Long COVID Behind
‘On par with cancer and heart disease’: Experts, patients warn Congress about the burden of long COVID as the government blows through $1.15 billion without finding a cure
Opinion: Long COVID is debilitating to me and 65 million other people. Where is the urgency to treat it?
Our minds handle risk strangely – and that’s partly why we delayed climate action so long
Pain, fatigue, fuzzy thinking: How long COVID disrupts the brain
Parents have just started their own school in Sydney – this is part of a long tradition in Australia
Parliamentary inquiry hears of impacts of long Covid
Photographer's decade-long, 600,000-mile journey shows Indigenous life in new book
Pluralistic: The long lineage of private equity's looting
Policy experts, scientists, disability groups urge Biden to address the Long Covid crisis
Press Release: Long COVID Awareness Day Campaign
Prof Danny Altmann: the burden of long COVID
Protest is dangerous, but feminists have a long history of using humour, pranks and stunts to promote their message
Putin waged a trade war long before bombing Ukraine. Which side is winning?
Radioactive waste isn’t going away. We’ve found a new way to trap it in minerals for long-term storage
Reparations over formerly enslaved people has a long history: 4 essential reads on why the idea remains unresolved
Reporting on Long Covid Taught Me to Be a Better Journalist
Research shows that, when given the choice, most authors don’t want excessively-long copyright terms
Rising Australian ballet star's ongoing nine-month battle with long COVID
The road is long and time is short, but Australia’s pace towards net zero is quickening
Scientists Are Decoding Long Covid Immunology
Scottish Children’s Futures Are At Risk as Long Covid Takes Hold
Second Infection Hikes Long COVID Risk: Expert Q&A
Smoke exposure from intense fires linked to long-term respiratory and cardiovascular disease
Study mapping how SARS-CoV-2 disrupts mitochondria suggests a cause for long Covid
Suzume builds on a long line of Japanese art exploring the impacts of trauma on the individual and the collective
Swathes of Melbourne could face flooding from rising sea levels, new long-term modelling suggests
Switching to Hydrogen Fuel Could Cause Long-Term Climate Consequences
Taranaki healthcare staff volunteer to help colleagues with Long Covid
There are new scientific insights into long Covid – but political will is waning
This Evolving 3,000-Mile-Long Park Is Already Improving Cities Along Its Path
This scarily detailed Witcher 3 mod forces Geralt to fight a new foe: long Covid
Urban planning has long ignored women’s experiences. Here are 5 ways we can make our cities safer
UW study finds tie between inflammation and long COVID symptoms
Vaccination Dramatically Lowers Long COVID Risk
Wait goes on for effective long Covid treatments
We are in denial about the huge consequences of long COVID on Canadians’ health
We can learn a lot about long COVID from years of diagnosing and treating chronic fatigue syndrome
We followed 14 ‘long haulers’ for 3 months. Here’s what they told us about living with long COVID
We got some key things wrong about long COVID. Here are 5 things we’ve learnt
We Need an Operation Warp Speed for Long COVID
What are the long-term effects of quitting social media? Almost nobody can log off long enough to find out
What do we know about long COVID in kids? And what do I do if I think my child has it?
What is POTS? And how is it related to long COVID?
What long COVID taught me: How to help a friend with chronic illness
What Not to Ask Me About My Long COVID
When Given The Choice, Most Authors Reject Excessively Long Copyright Terms
Why are there hopping mice in Australia but no kangaroos in Asia? It’s a long story
Wollongong researcher Stuart Tan finds majority of study participants still struggle with long COVID
You’ve heard of long COVID, but did you know there might also be a long cold?
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