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10 Best Classic Animated Shows From Europe
A Chicago Nonprofit Shows How To Create An “Aboveground Railroad” For Migrants
A major blackout left 500,000 Victorian homes without power – but it shows our energy system is resilient
A new database of teachers on screen shows they are often portrayed as rule breakers, losers or villains
‘A target on my back’: New survey shows racism is a huge problem in nursing
Akihabara still shows off Japan’s love for physical media
Almost nine in 10 Australians support plan to outlaw lies in political advertising, poll shows
Atlantic Ocean is headed for a tipping point − once melting glaciers shut down the Gulf Stream, we would see extreme climate change within decades, study shows
Australian homes can be made climate-ready, reducing bills and emissions – a new report shows how
Australians’ national wellbeing shows a glass half full: Measuring What Matters report
Australia’s annual plastic consumption produces emissions equivalent to 5.7m cars, analysis shows
Australia’s federal whistleblowing laws have not protected anyone since inception, analysis shows
Australia’s ranking in global anti-corruption index remains steady – but shows we cannot be complacent
Australia’s support to Pacific surges as China focuses on ‘friendly’ states, aid map shows
BA.2.86 shows just how risky slacking off on COVID monitoring is
Baiting foxes can make feral cats even more ‘brazen’, study of 1.5 million forest photos shows
Beyond ‘Sesame Street’: African kids’ shows go local
California Shows an Electric-Car Uprising Headed for the US
ChatGPT use shows that the grant-application system is broken
China’s EV Market Shows the Future Is Already Here
Confirmed: New Study Shows The Gulf Stream Is Definitely Weakening
Cop28 host UAE breaking its own ban on routine gas flaring, data shows
COP28 president is wrong – science clearly shows fossil fuels must go (and fast)
Delightful Experiment Shows Parrots Love to Video Chat With Their Friends
Devastating drought in Amazon result of climate crisis, study shows
Don't take my word for it: the science shows that wind turbines do not harm birdlife
During NAIDOC Week, many Indigenous women are assigned unpaid work. New research shows how prevalent this is in the workplace
EU fossil fuel burning for electricity fell to lowest on record in 2023, data shows
Fireflies, brain cells, dancers: new synchronisation research shows nature’s perfect timing is all about connections
Floods and environmental flows a boon for south-east Australia’s waterbirds, survey shows
From COVID to climate: Queensland’s new emissions pledge shows state governments are once again leading change
From sexual liberation to fashionable heels, new research shows how women are changing North Korea
Gas boiler lobby trying to delay UK’s heat pump plans, leak shows
Golriz Ghahraman’s exit from politics shows the toll of online bullying on female MPs
Great Barrier Reef suffering ‘most severe’ coral bleaching on record as footage shows damage 18 metres down
The great cancellation: why megabucks TV shows are vanishing without a trace
Green gains: Localized efforts leave a mark, notably in drier areas, study shows
Harry Potter and the Disenchanted Wildlife: how light and sound shows can harm nocturnal animals
Haunting Animation Shows All The Fires Burning in Northern Australia The Past 2 Months
Health Star Rating only on about a third of Australian supermarket products that should carry it, report shows
Hearing loss is twice as common in Australia’s lowest income groups, our research shows
Houston's only lesbian bar denied insurance for hosting drag shows
How big are the fires burning in Australia’s north? Interactive map shows they’ve burned an area larger than Spain
How should a robot explore the Moon? A simple question shows the limits of current AI systems
Hurricanes push heat deeper into the ocean than scientists realized, boosting long-term ocean warming, new research shows
Indigenous and local communities see big gains in land rights, study shows
Israeli strike on World Central Kitchen aid convoy shows growing danger of humanitarian work in conflict zones
Kathleen Folbigg pardon shows Australia needs a dedicated body to investigate wrongful convictions
Keen to get off gas in your home, but struggling to make the switch? Research shows you’re not alone
Leakage or spillover? Conservation parks boost biodiversity outside them – but there’s a catch, new study shows
Love it or Leave it? Study Shows How People Perceive AI-created Content
‘The Messenger’ Implosion Once Again Shows The Real Problem With U.S. Journalism Is Shitty Management By Visionless, Fail-Upward Brunchlords
More efficient cars could almost halve Australians’ yearly petrol costs, new analysis shows
Mounting research shows that COVID-19 leaves its mark on the brain, including with significant drops in IQ scores
The Murray-Darling Basin shows why the ‘social cost of water’ concept won’t work
Music Streaming Royalty Hacking Shows How Desperately The System Needs To Be Overhauled
New exposé of Australia’s exotic pet trade shows an alarming proliferation of alien, threatened and illegal species
New malaria vaccine proves highly effective – and COVID shows how quickly it could be deployed
New research shows how Indigenous-owned businesses are creating better outcomes for their employees
New research shows renewables are more profitable than nuclear power
New study shows we can create value from food waste by turning it into a highly desirable material – nanocellulose
New unified theory shows how past landscapes drove the evolution of Earth’s rich diversity of life
No more chocolate, coffee or wine? ‘Last supper’ shows stakes of climate crisis
‘Nobody can hold a candle to it’: David Attenborough backs BBC’s nature shows
Nobody reads T&C’s – but the High Court’s Ruby Princess decision shows consumer law may protect us anyway
NSW police use force against Indigenous Australians at drastically disproportionate levels, data shows
Pacific Islanders have long drawn wisdom from the Earth, the sky and the waves. Research shows the science is behind them
Photographer's decade-long, 600,000-mile journey shows Indigenous life in new book
Plastic waste ‘spiralling out of control’ across Africa, analysis shows
Pollution from coal power plants contributes to far more deaths than scientists realized, study shows
Prigozhin’s rockstar exit from Rostov shows public support for ‘traitor’
Promises to get tough on youth crime might win votes – but the evidence shows it hasn’t worked for NZ
PwC scandal shows consultants, like church officials, are best kept out of state affairs
Rapid ice melt in west Antarctica now inevitable, research shows
Rapid progress of key clean energy technologies shows the new energy economy is emerging faster than many think
Research shows shrinking Arctic glaciers are unearthing a new source of methane
The road to recovery: conservation management for the Critically Endangered Bali myna shows signs of success
Roald Dahl was a bigot and beloved children’s author. Wes Anderson shows both sides of this complicated persona
Russia planned to steal grain and starve Ukrainians ahead of invasion, evidence shows
Social media can in fact be made better: Research shows it is possible to reward users for sharing accurate information instead of misinformation
Stan Grant stands up to racist abuse. Our research shows many diverse journalists have copped it too
Study shows ‘catastrophic’ 10-year low for female representation in film
Study shows dogs can detect COVID-19 faster, better than most PCR tests
Supermarket plastic bag charge has led to 98% drop in use in England, data shows
Too much heat in the kitchen: survey shows toxic work conditions mean many chefs are getting out
Unique study shows we can train wild predators to hunt alien species they’ve never seen before
Up to 5 billion people to be hit by rainfall changes this century if CO₂ emissions are not curbed, research shows
Uruguay’s green power revolution: rapid shift to wind shows the world how it’s done
Vegan diet massively cuts environmental damage, study shows
Wasabi Boosts Cognitive Ability in Older People, Study Shows
Watered-down LGBTQ ‘understanding’ bill shows how far Japan’s parliament is out of step with its society – and history
We need to decarbonise our electricity supply, and quickly – Alan Finkel shows how green energy can be a reality, and bring economic benefits
The Weird Trademark Issue That Shows Up In The Harlan Crow / Clarence Thomas Mess
What happens when we outsource boring but important work to AI? Research shows we forget how to do it ourselves
Who we care about is limited – but our research shows how humans can expand their ‘moral circle’
Why am I online? Research shows it’s often about managing emotions
Why is truth-telling so important? Our research shows meaningful reconciliation cannot occur without it
Yet Another Study Shows No Link At All Between Social Media And Teen Anxiety And Depression
You can now order all kinds of medical tests online. Our research shows this is (mostly) a bad idea
Young Australian women struggling to afford period products as inflation soars, survey shows
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