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20 years of Maputo Protocol: A success story for women's rights in Africa
60% of women and non-binary punters and artists feel unsafe in Melbourne’s music spaces
ADF captain's choice to wear female army uniform overhauls gender diverse policy
Afghan Women Use Art to Resist the Taliban
Any Nation That Protects Bodily Autonomy for Women Is Better Than the US
Assyrian Women of Letters
Australian women and children in squalid Syrian camp are being detained unlawfully, federal court told
Australian women’s access to abortion is a postcode lottery. Here’s what needs to change
Australia’s female First Nations rappers turn pain into power
Australia’s young people are moving to the left – though young women are more progressive than men, reflecting a global trend
The Black Mambas: South Africa's all-female anti-poaching unit
British police testing women for abortion drugs
Campaign trail threats and abuse reinforce the need to protect NZ’s women politicians – before they quit for good
‘Care is in everything we do and everything we are’: the work of Indigenous women needs to be valued
Cash Transfers Incentivize Social Change for Women and Girls in Egypt
The Community Kitchens as an opportunity for migrant women in Peru
Companies portray menopause as ‘medical problem’ and push women towards ineffective treatments, papers find
County Down woman ‘ecstatic’ to be crowned top in UK Comic Con with Totoro costume
During NAIDOC Week, many Indigenous women are assigned unpaid work. New research shows how prevalent this is in the workplace
Eggs from men, sperm from women: how stem cell science may change how we reproduce
EU reaches first ever agreement to eliminate violence against women
Female scientists found to be almost entirely absent from Australian high school curriculum
Fieldwork can be challenging for female scientists. Here are 5 ways to make it better
FIFA won't recognise them. So this team can only watch on during the Women's World Cup
Finding a fix: Nigerian women lead drive to upcycle plastics
First Arab female astronaut reaches space station
Five key moments in the crushing of Afghan women's rights
Florence Bell died unrecognised for her contributions to DNA science – decades on female researchers are still being sidelined
Flying drones and chasing data, Indigenous women in Guyana join fight against climate change
Free Bus Passes Are Giving Indian Women More Financial Freedom
Friday essay: ‘I hope eventually to become a woman’ – trans life in Australia from the 1940s to 1970s
Friday essay: the forgotten female soldiers who fought long ago – and why their stories matter today
From sexual liberation to fashionable heels, new research shows how women are changing North Korea
Gender-based violence is a big concern in hospitality – and women bear the brunt of managing it
Golriz Ghahraman’s exit from politics shows the toll of online bullying on female MPs
Half of migrant and refugee women we spoke to have been sexually harassed in Australian workplaces
Hidden women of history: disabled Australian author Dorothy Cottrell was ‘the Liane Moriarty of the Jazz Age’ but is almost unheard of here
How 5 Young Women in Montana Scored a Landmark Climate Victory
How Afghan women secretly learn judo — over WhatsApp
How do we keep women’s football clean? Start paying players a fair wage
How Toxic Men Want To Make You Believe Women Aren’t Interested in Tech
How women in Israel and Palestine are pushing for peace — together
‘I almost lost my will to live’: preference for sons is leaving young women in China exploited and abused
‘I want to see the first African woman in space’: the Kenyan stargazer bringing astronomy to the people
Iceland’s first full-day women’s strike in 48 years aims to close pay gap – as it happened
In 5 years, this Australian astrophysics lab reached 50% women. Here’s how they did it
In China, Women Are Defying ‘Beauty Duty’ — With a Bold Haircut
Iranian Baha'i Women Languishes in Jail After Fifth Arrest
Irish Times apologises for hoax AI article about women’s use of fake tan
‘It connects us to nature’: the Muslim women finding joy in England’s woodlands
Jailed Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi wins the Nobel Peace Prize for fighting women’s oppression
Just 1 in 5 employees in the space industry are women. This lack of diversity is holding us back
Let it bee: The women on a mission to save Mexico City’s bees
Long before women police officers came police ‘matrons’: who were they and what did they do?
The long Covid nightmare is far from over, especially for women of color
Men and women who hold sexist views are less responsive as parents: new research
Men Overran a Job Fair for Women in Tech
‘Menopause market’: Australian women being driven to treat symptoms with unnecessary products, study reveals
The Most Powerful Man in the U.K. Thinks Trans Women Are Bullying Him
Mother’s little helper: interviews with Australian women show a complex relationship with alcohol
Move Over, Men: Women Were Hunters, Too
The myth that men hunt while women stay at home is entirely wrong
Nel Law, the first Australian woman in Antarctica, fought society's expectations to get there
New research reveals harrowing stories of murdered Indigenous women and the failure of police to act
Nine out of 10 people are biased against women, says ‘alarming’ UN report
Nobel peace prize: Narges Mohammadi wins on behalf of thousands of Iranian women struggling for human rights
Pockets of opportunity: Seattle startup’s clothing line looks to end inequality in women’s workwear
QANTAS pays women 37% less, Telstra and BHP 20%. Fifty years after equal pay laws, we still have a long way to go
Queensland woman uses electric car to run her son’s dialysis machine during power cut
Remembering the Australian Women’s Weekly birthday cake book: ‘A phenomenal cultural icon’
Rural Women's Award winner Kate Lamason's Australian-made alternative to imported tuna
Russell Brand: how the comedy industry uses humour to abuse and silence women
Science experiments traditionally only used male mice – here’s why that’s a problem for women’s health
The Sensation Novelist Who Exposed the Plight of Victorian Women
Should women be allowed to wear pants? It was a topic of contention in Australian parliament in 1933
Solar Pumps Are Empowering Women Farmers in India
South Korea sold its 69-hour working week idea as a family-friendly solution. But women say the culture is stacked against them
Space Opera Novels by Cisgender Women, Non-Binary, and Trans People
Study shows ‘catastrophic’ 10-year low for female representation in film
The Taliban are outlawing women’s beauty salons in Afghanistan
Taliban ban women from national park in Afghanistan
The Taliban’s war on women in Afghanistan must be formally recognized as gender apartheid
Tasmania Police are still mistaking family violence victims for abusers. For too many women, correcting the record is impossible
Taylor Swift deepfakes: new technologies have long been weaponised against women. The solution involves us all
Technology is changing the lives of female lawyers, in ways that are bad as well as good
This Team of Indigenous Women Sculpts Stories in Snow
Ticket to freedom: free bus rides for women spark joy for millions in Karnataka
Trans men enter Miss Italy pageant in droves after trans women are told they can’t compete
Turkey earthquakes one year on: the devastation has exposed deep societal scars and women are bearing the brunt
Two-thirds of women report bias or discrimination in Australian healthcare in national survey
Urban planning has long ignored women’s experiences. Here are 5 ways we can make our cities safer
Vale ‘sister suffragette’: how Glynis Johns became a pop-culture icon in the story of votes for women
Victoria to halve gender pay gap in public service – and name 70% of new streets after women
Wanting to ‘move on’ is natural – but women’s pandemic experiences can’t be lost to ‘lockdown amnesia’
We have all heard social media can impact women’s body image – but it isn’t all bad
What’s the secret to attracting more women into politics? Give them more resources
Why I’m not done fighting – for animal rights, and for women
Winning the right to abortion: the revolution of Latin American women
Woman jailed over abortion – an expert on what UK law actually says and what needs to change
The Woman Who Opened the World’s First Museum in 500 BCE
The Women Bus Drivers Overcoming Stereotypes in Bogotá
Women have been excluded from men’s spaces for centuries. That’s why the MONA Ladies Lounge matters
‘You are deceased’: Services Australia bungle results in woman losing bank accounts and pension
Young Australian women struggling to afford period products as inflation soars, survey shows
Young, female voters were the key to defeating populists in Poland’s election – providing a blueprint to reverse democracy’s decline
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