Meanwhile Outside Portia's...

Dog Animation

Leaning against a tree next to our favourite fire hydrant I could make out the stubby frame of Dangerous Dan. He is a good dog and a private eye. He is one of my best friends. He had heard about Portia

"Hey Dux, I heard you lost something," he said. I told him that I could be careless. "Well Dux, I thought you might like to know who spirited Portia away." This was a major break for me, but I acted cool. "C'mon Danny. What have you heard?" What he said next was shocking, my worst nightmare. "This is going to be a shock. Probably your worst nightmare. She was taken by...Rotten Ronnie Rottweiller and his gang." This was terrible news. Rotten Ronnie is the meanest dog on the streets. He has made his bad name through bone smuggling rackets. Portia was in terrible danger.

Subway Train

Copyright Rachel Bradshaw 1999.