Portia only liked icecream in Summer...

Dog Animation

and this wasn't summer. It was too cold and wet to be summer. Remembering that I had the icecream wrapper, I had a look at it. It had a logo reading "Millie's Happy Puppy Icecream". I wasn't a happy puppy; the sticky wrapper had leaked all over my pocket. I found a phone booth and called my secretary. If anyone knew icecream it was Miss Pooch

"I'm sorry to tell you Dux, but that brand hasn't been seen for ages. There was a factory down by the river. I think it closed down. Are you sure it was 'Millie's'?"

I told Miss Pooch that I was sure it was "Millie's" name on the wrapper. The main question was why Portia had the wrapper in her apartment. I didn't know why this clue was so important but my nose said it could be the vital clue to this whole mess. But what to do next?

Copyright Rachel Bradshaw 1999.