Welcome To Portia's Place

Dog Animation

Everything is pink in Portia's apartment. She certainly knows style. But I wasn't there for sightseeing. Okay, what was I looking for? Anything that doesn't belong in her apartment. I looked around. Everything pink is usually found there. The pink paintings on the walls. The pink books, the pink phone.

I looked down and found something. Half buried in the shaggy, pink carpet was a subway token and an icecream wrapper. That was strange. Portia never took a train in her life and she doesn't like icecream in winter, and this was definitely winter. Someone who takes the subway and likes icecream had been there. Had this person dognapped my Portia?

On the way out of the apartment building I saw the place by the fire hydrant where I first met Portia. I always liked that hydrant. It was pink.

Fire Hydrant Subway Token Icecream Wrapper

Copyright Rachel Bradshaw 1999.