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10 Facts That Prove the World Is in a Climate Emergency
150 Most Legendary Restaurants in the World & Their Iconic Dishes
2023 smashes record for world’s hottest year by huge margin
2023's most mind-bending puzzle game gives you a magic camera and invites you to break the world
46 Books that Changed the World
52 Blue: The loneliest whale in the world
A Bird’s-Eye View of a Technicolor World
‘A bus is open to everyone regardless of class’: riding the world’s biggest network
A Cypress in Chile Could Soon Break The Record For World's Oldest Tree
A Czech couple has created the world's first hand-stitched video game
‘A portal to a different world’: a gamer’s guide to visiting Japan
A ‘Revolutionary’ Way to Feed the World That’s Very Old
‘A symbol of what humans shouldn’t be doing’: the new world of octopus farming
A ‘Tape Recorder for the Planet’: What Natural History Museums Bring to the Climate Fight
A world-first in the Scottish Highlands
A year of ChatGPT: 5 ways the AI marvel has changed the world
A year on, Russia’s war on Ukraine threatens to redraw the map of world politics – and 2023 will be crucial
Abu Dhabi is creating vast carbon sinks from its mangroves and sharing its learnings with the world
Agroecology Is the Solution to World Hunger
AI Article Generator Falls for World of Warcraft 'Glorbo' Prank
All-electric homes are better for your hip pocket and the planet. Here’s how governments can help us get off gas
Almost Half The Planet Predicted to Enter New Climate Zones by 2100
An end to plunder and pillage: how a First Nations nature reserve became a model for the world
Ancient pathogens released from melting ice could wreak havoc on the world, new analysis reveals
Astronomers puzzled by ‘planet that shouldn’t exist’
Australian dolphins have the world’s highest concentrations of ‘forever chemicals’
Australia’s first female journalists reported on wars and human rights around the world – but many died in obscurity
Australia’s Kangaroo Island named No 2 must-visit region for 2024 by Lonely Planet
Australia’s loneliest tree is also one of the world’s rarest
AutoFlight completes one of the world’s longest eVTOL flights with its new Gen 4 aircraft
Avian influenza has killed millions of seabirds around the world: Antarctica could be next
Awe can alter our sense of self and open us to new possibilities – could it help save the planet?
Bees can learn, remember, think and make decisions – here’s a look at how they navigate the world
Being Attractive Will No Longer Be an Advantage in the Content World
Between the World Cup and Barbie, we’re finally having an honest discussion about girlhood
Beyond the numbers: the real-world impact of the malaria vaccine in Kenya
The Bittersweet Story of the World’s First Motel
Bushfire smoke eats up the ozone protecting us from dangerous radiation. The damage will increase as the world heats up
Calls for a ‘green’ Ramadan revive Islam’s long tradition of sustainability and care for the planet
Can seaweed save the world? Well it can certainly help in many ways
Canada’s House speaker quits: What the Hunka scandal reveals about Second World War complexities
Casual, distant, aesthetically limited: 5 ways smartphone photography is changing how we see the world
Challenge Accepted: High-speed AI Drone Overtakes World-Champion Drone Racers
Charted: The World’s Working Poor, by Country (1991-2021)
The Cheapest Places to Live in the World in 2024
Chernobyl was history’s worst nuclear disaster. Now it’s teaching geologists about the history of our planet
China May Have Just Condemned The Entire World
China’s concerning new strategy on human rights: unite the world behind a ‘selective’ approach
Citroën Oli: The Most Revolutionary EV In The World
The clean energy milestone the world is set to pass in 2023
‘Cli-fi’ might not save the world, but writing it could help with your eco-anxiety
Climate litigation is on the rise around the world and Australia is at the head of the pack
Climate scientist Mark Maslin: ‘We have all the technology we need to move to a cleaner, renewable world’
Company Serves World's First 'Mammoth' Meatball, But Nobody Is Allowed to Eat It
Conservationists welcome gillnet fishing ban in Great Barrier Reef world heritage area
COP28: 7 food and agriculture innovations needed to protect the climate and feed a rapidly growing world
Cop28 host UAE has world’s biggest climate-busting oil plans, data indicates
Could The Whole World Be Powered by Rooftop Solar?
COVID hasn’t taught the world how to beat the next deadly virus
COVID orphans face grief and poverty as world moves on
The Curious World of Tchibo
Damning silicosis report calls for world-first ban on deadly engineered stone — will governments listen?
Danish traveller Thor Pedersen completes 10-year round-the-world journey without flying
Debunking Mr Bean’s electric tropes: EVs are far better for the planet than ICE vehicles
Discrimination, internment camps, then deportation: the end of the second world war did not mean peace for Japanese-Australians
Dominica to create world's first sperm whale reserve
Drone strikes hit Moscow and Kyiv – in the growing world of drone warfare, anything goes when it comes to international law
Electrification is efficiency: The world will need less energy after the transition
Emissions from WA gas project with world’s largest industrial carbon capture system rise by more than 50%
Environmental groups celebrate a victory for the planet as Chevron surrenders 19 offshore oil and gas exploration permits in B.C.
Ethics in a machine-learning world
Expansive, exciting and free: how Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom unlocks the potential of open world gaming
Experience: I own the world’s oldest living cat
Facing floods: What the world can learn from Bangladesh's climate solutions
FIFA won't recognise them. So this team can only watch on during the Women's World Cup
Fire is consuming more than ever of the world’s forests, threatening supplies of wood and paper
Floods turn world’s biggest heavy metal festival into mudbath
For People in Prison, Career Training Begins in a Virtual World
‘Foul and loathsome’ or jewels of the natural world? The complicated history of human-frog relations
Friday essay: from angry gods and fertile myths to battleships and new technologies – how the wind shapes our world
Friday essay: if the world’s systems are ‘already cracking’ due to climate change, is there a post-doom silver lining?
Friday essay: matrilineal societies exist around the world – it’s time to look beyond the patriarchy
From furry families to fungi: the World Nature Photography awards – in pictures
From meerkat school to whale-tail slapping and oyster smashing, how clever predators shape their world
Gas can’t compete with wind, solar and storage, even in world’s biggest market
Genetically engineered bacteria can detect cancer cells in a world-first experiment
Get inspired by the winners of Wiki Loves Monuments, the world’s largest photo contest
Ghetto Kids: what’s behind the moves of the Ugandan dance troupe that stormed the world
Global heating likely to hit world food supply before 1.5C, says UN expert
Good news for climate comes from the world’s greatest user of coal
Goodbye Mr Fabulous, the giant cuttlefish who let us into his world and changed ours for the better
‘Graphene will change the world’: the boss using the ‘supermaterial’ in the global microchip war
Half of the world is past a peak in fossil power
Handkerchief or tissue? Which one’s better for our health and the planet?
Has the cyberattack on DP World put Australia’s trade at risk? Probably not … this time
‘Headed off the charts’: world’s ocean surface temperature hits record high
Here’s the truth about Sunak’s plans for the North Sea: he will sell out the planet to the dirtiest bidders
The hidden world of LOONEY TUNES' background art
The Hidden World of Undersea Cables
History in Ink: Preserving the World’s Largest Cartoon and Comic Collection
How 2023’s record heat worsened droughts, floods and bushfires around the world
How algae conquered the world – and other epic stories hidden in the rocks of the Flinders Ranges
How Survives—and Thrives—in Amazon’s World
How butterflies conquered the world: a new ‘family tree’ traces their 100-million-year journey across the globe
How can activists change the world? Experts offer seven strategies
How China's buses shaped the world's EV revolution
How China’s Downturn Could Save the World
How climate change is causing a communication breakdown in the animal world
How Degrowth Can Save The World
How did China come to dominate the world of electric cars?
How Ignorance of The World Gave White People a Superiority Complex
How might we build trust in an untrusting world?
How one Argentinian city overhauled its waste management to tackle one of the world's largest rubbish dumps
How researchers remade ‘the world’s most widely used petrochemical’ – without using fossil fuels
How the ‘Diamond of the Plant World’ Helped Land Plants Evolve
How the Inflation Reduction Act Has Reshaped the U.S.—and The World
‘Humanity’s signature’: study finds plastic pollution in the world’s lakes can be worse than in oceans
The humble spotted gum is a world class urban tree. Here’s why
If We all Made Our Living By Helping People it Would Heal the World
iFixit Celebrates 20 Years of Fixing the World
Imgur Is About to Break the World Wide Web
In a Barbie world … after the movie frenzy fades, how do we avoid tonnes of Barbie dolls going to landfill?
‘In a lot of the world, the clock has hit midnight’: China is calling in loans to dozens of countries from Pakistan to Kenya
In A World Where AI Art Is Cheap And Easy To Generate, Do We Still Need Copyright?
In "Doppelganger", Naomi Klein says the world is broken: conspiracy theorists ‘get the facts wrong but often get the feelings right’
Indonesia is one of the world’s largest democracies, but it’s weaponising defamation laws to smother dissent
Inside the Billion-Dollar Effort to Clean Up the World’s Most Romantic River
Invasive species cost humans $423bn each year and threaten world’s diversity
IPCC report: the world must cut emissions and urgently adapt to the new climate realities
Iraq war, 20 years on: how the world failed Iraq and created a less peaceful, democratic and prosperous state
Israel now ranks among the world’s leading jailers of journalists. We don’t know why they’re behind bars
It's one of the world's toughest anti-smoking laws. The Māori see a major flaw
It's Time: Scientists Urge The World to Declare a New Epoch on The Moon
Japan pharma startup developing world-first drug to grow new teeth
July was world’s hottest month on record, climate scientists confirm
Land clearing and fracking in Australia’s Northern Territory threatens the world’s largest intact tropical savanna
The latest maps of the world's eighth continent
The Legendary Ocean Explorer Protecting ‘Hope Spots’ Around the World
Life on Our Planet: evolution experts review this ‘hugely entertaining’ Netflix docuseries
Like Captain Planet with marsupials: First Dog on the Moon steps on stage
Listening To The Creatures Of The World
Maki-e: A Sumptuous World of Gold and Black - Core Kyoto mini
MALI: the World Bank finances $150 million to restore degraded land
Man to tackle Australia on electric motorcycle after riding across the world to combat range anxiety
Meet the Companies Literally Dropping ‘Irish’ Pubs in Cities Across the World
Money Talks In The World Of Copyright Legislation; And That’s A Big Problem For Ordinary Internet Users
The Montreal Protocol Turned Out to Have an Amazing World-Changing Side Effect
The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World
Moyenne Island: The world's smallest national park
Mudcrab makes history: how a home-made electric car broke world records under water
The Myth of the ‘Dark Ages’ Ignores How Classical Traditions Flourished Around the World
‘Nature needs money’: Lula tells rich countries to pay up and protect world’s rainforests
Nearly two-thirds of the top fossil fuel producers in Australia and the world aren’t on track for 1.5℃ climate target
New Zealand bans thin plastic fruit and vegetable bags in world first
No more hydrogen trains | Rail company that launched world's first H2 line last year opts for all-electric future
Not the End of the World by Hannah Ritchie review – an optimist’s guide to the climate crisis
Odisha's turnaround in disaster management has lessons for the world
One Man’s Quest to Heal the Oceans—And Maybe Save the World
The only artist in the world to embed gold leaves in glass; kirikane | Yamamoto Akane: Making Beauty
Our planet is burning in unexpected ways - here’s how we can protect people and nature
‘Painting with fire’: how northern Australia developed one of the world’s best bushfire management programs
People around the world are living in non-traditional housing to cope with rising cost of living
Peter Singer’s fresh take on Animal Liberation – a book that changed the world, but not enough
Planet Snapshots Issue 91: Tipping Points: Coral Reefs
Planet Snapshots Issue 93: Tipping Points: Boreal Forests
Planet Snapshots Issue 94: Future Cities
The planet’s burning. Can the Global South save it?
Produce-grower Plenty opens world’s most advanced indoor vertical farm
Race and erasure: why the world’s other humanitarian crises don’t see the same response as Ukraine
Rather Than Making The Internet Safe For Kids, Make Your Kids Safe For The Real World
Reducing inequality could see world population fall to 6 billion
Remote employees ‘don’t work as hard’, says head of world’s biggest commercial landlord
Remote working: how a surge in digital nomads is pricing out local communities around the world
Renewable power on course to shatter more records as countries around the world speed up deployment
Renewables will be world’s top electricity source within three years, IEA data reveals
Research on 2,400 languages shows nearly half the world’s language diversity is at risk
Revealed: the world’s ‘most liveable’ cities in 2023
RIAA Piles On In The Effort To Kill The World’s Greatest Library: Sues Internet Archive For Making It Possible To Hear Old 78s
RIP Ghosts: a joyful comedy that lit up this bin fire of a world
The rise and fall of antibiotics. What would a post-antibiotic world look like?
The road that's the 'Eighth World Wonder'
Same-Sex Marriage Around the World
Samoa PM urges world to save Pacific people from climate crisis obliteration
Scarygirl: the richly built world of this new Aussie film tells a story of human-nature connection
Seals, swimmers, bat carers – exploring the world of the pale brown, oft-maligned Yarra River
Snow leopards, elephants and pangolins to be better protected with funding boost for world’s most endangered animals
Soaring, leaping, swooping … a world of wildlife by the world’s top photographers
The social housing secret: how Vienna became the world’s most livable city
Solar Philippines to break ground on world’s ‘largest’ solar farm this year
Some people who share fake news on social media actually think they’re helping the world
Sophie Trevitt’s indomitable spirit and deep commitment to equity will continue to shape the world she left behind
Status of World Nuclear Forces
‘Still in the stone age’: movie world in shock as Germany’s MeToo moment arrives
Stop Recycling — You’re Killing the Planet
Study: 58% of world's richest companies quietly lobby against climate policies
Study finds 2 billion people will struggle to survive in a warming world – and these parts of Australia are most vulnerable
Tales of the unexpected: inside the thriving world of independent bookshops
Tasmanian garden wins prize for world’s ugliest lawn
Ten facts humanity must face if it wants to survive on a livable planet
There Are 8 Boundaries For a Safe Planet. To Be Fair, Earth Would Fail 7 of Them.
Thinking of having a baby as the planet collapses? First, ask yourself 5 big ethical questions
This Bold Plan to Kick the World’s Coal Habit Might Actually Work
This Is The World’s CHEAPEST Solar Powered Car
This Revolutionary Technology Could Unlock The World’s Cleanest Energy
To Save the Planet, Should We Really Be Moving Slower?
Toxic ‘forever chemicals’ found in toilet paper around the world
The Trailblazing First Generation Computer the World Forgot
Trapped: Australia’s extraordinary alpine insects are being marooned on mountaintops as the world warms
Traveling through the world’s most traffic-heavy city just got a lot quicker—and greener
“Trumpian Thinking” Is Why the World Has an Empathy Problem
Tuesday was world’s hottest day on record – breaking Monday’s record
Ukraine war: two good reasons the world should worry about Russia’s arms purchases from North Korea
Ukraine's "Russian warship, go f... yourself" post stamp wins world's most prestigious award celebrating achievements in mail industry
UN recognizes 10 pioneering initiatives that are restoring the natural world
UNESCO Just Named 42 New World Heritage Sites—Here’s the Full List
Unveiling the enigmatic world of moths: from ancient pollinators to whistling wonders
Uruguay’s green power revolution: rapid shift to wind shows the world how it’s done
The US just issued the world’s strongest action yet on regulating AI. Here’s what to expect
‘WA’s Christmas tree’: what mungee, the world’s largest mistletoe, can teach us about treading lightly
Watch This: The Longest Cycle Tunnel in the World is Opening Next Month
‘We are gambling with the future of our planet for the sake of hamburgers’: Peter Singer on climate change
‘We are just getting started’: the plastic-eating bacteria that could change the world
We are poised to pass 1.5°C of global warming – world leaders offer 4 ways to manage this dangerous time
‘We may be looking at the end of capitalism’: One of the world’s oldest and largest investment banks warns ‘Greedflation’ has gone too far
We studied more than 1,500 coastal ecosystems - they will drown if we let the world warm above 2℃
‘We used to give hope to the world’: is Costa Rica’s green halo fading?
What El Niño means for the world’s perilous climate tipping points
What Europe showed the world about renewable energy
What If the Robots Were Very Nice While They Took Over the World?
What Lego can teach us about saving the planet
What the World Can Learn From Canada's Carbon Pricing Systems
What’s the Value of 3 Million LPs in a Digital World?
Where to Find the Energy to Save the World
Why a game in which you look for a real, live pink elephant could help save the world
Why China Could Surprise the World by Being the First Country to Adopt Universal Basic Income
Why Didn’t America Become Part of the Modern World?
Why Indonesia wants Australia’s help to supply the world with electric vehicles and batteries
Why only Degrowth Will Save The World
Why taxing the world’s biggest companies at 15% won’t fix the gaping hole in global tax rules
Why the World Is Betting Against American Democracy
Why we split the world into good and evil — and make decisions we regret
The Wild and Crazy World of “Cutthroat Compounds”
Wildfire smoke and dirty air are also climate change problems: Solutions for a world on fire
Will the world see more wars or unrest in 2024? Here are 5 hotspots to watch
The Woman Who Opened the World’s First Museum in 500 BCE
Work has conquered every day of the week. How do we remain human in a world that worships toil?
World Bank Decries Disastrous Fossil Fuel, Agriculture, & Fisheries Subsidies
World Bank freezes loans to Uganda because of anti-gay laws. But it doesn’t mean it’s becoming a human rights watchdog
World Bank Project Connects More than a Million Moroccans to Clean Water
The World Bank used to cause untold harm – but 30 years ago it started reforming. What went right
World Bank warns oil price could soar to record $150 a barrel
The World Could Benefit From China Clearing Up Its Smog
World Energy Outlook 2023
World first: malaria vaccine rollout begins in Cameroon
World Happiness Report 2023
The world has made substantial progress in increasing basic levels of education
World Health Network Infographics
World Health Organization Warns Against Using Artificial Sweeteners
World Heritage Fraser Island officially restored to Indigenous name, K'gari, supported by public
The World Is Full of Sleeping Beauties
The world is hooked on junk food: how big companies pull it off
The World Is Running Out of Male Sea Turtles
The world is still falling short on limiting climate change, according to U.N. report
World Ocean Day: How much plastic is in our oceans?
The World Of Web Browsers Is In A Bad Way
World ‘population bomb’ may never go off as feared, finds study
World record: Wind turbine generates enough energy in a day to power 170,000 homes
World Yoyo Contest 2023 - 3A Champion - Hajime Miura
World-first flexible export limits are coming to rooftop solar. Here's how they work
World-first program repopulates and releases endangered stocky galaxias fish into natural habitat
World-first Zero Debris Charter goes live
The world’s best rainforest guardians already live there
World’s biggest bat colony gathers in Zambia every year: we used artificial intelligence to count them
The World's Biggest Permafrost Crater is Melting Due To Rising Temperatures
The world’s biggest problem? Powerful psychopaths. | Brian Klaas
World’s electricity supply close to ‘peak emissions’ due to growth of wind and solar
The world’s first 3D-printed salmon is hitting store shelves, and it looks kind of good
The world’s fish are shrinking as the climate warms. We’re trying to figure out why
World’s five richest men double their fortunes as poorest 60 percent lose money, Oxfam says
The world’s happiest man? Matthieu Ricard on the secrets of a serene, successful, satisfying life
The world’s largest aircraft breaks cover in Silicon Valley
World’s largest battery maker announces major breakthrough in energy density
The World's Largest Forest Wilderness Seems to Be Shrinking
World’s Largest Lithium Mine Is In Australia
World’s largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship rescues sailboat
The world's last internet cafes
The world's most gender-equal countries
World’s oldest moss could go extinct as a result of climate crisis
World's 'Rarest Insect' Makes Stunning Comeback After Near-Extinction
World’s renewable energy capacity grew at record pace in 2023
World’s tallest wind turbine tower made of wood goes up in Sweden
The World’s Therapists Are Talking to Ukraine
The world’s worst animal disease is killing frogs worldwide. A testing breakthrough could help save them
The YIMBY movement is spreading around the world. What does it mean for Australia’s housing crisis?
‘You’re seeing the pain’: extreme explorer Geoff Wilson’s epic journey for the planet
Zeekr Just Embarrassed Tesla & The Entire EV World
The zero-waste city: what Kiel in Germany can teach the world
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